trying to find a gym? try fit36®

FIT36® studios rethink this whole gym thing. We employ the science of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) circuits in conjunction with MRT (metabolic resistance training) to give you an effective workout in a short amount of time. Why? Because you want to build muscle, torch fat or gain speed and agility. We’ve created the ultimate HIIT workout so you can get in, get after it, and go live an exceptional life.
Each 36 minute class is designed for optimum efficiency in a high energy atmosphere.  Motivating music sets the mood, while encouraging personal trainers lead you through crafted circuits that combine strength, cardio and real life movements. The FIT36 method utilizes metabolic resistance training (MRT), intense cardio and plateau crashing microcycles that help build lean muscle and torch fat during, and even after your workout. Heart rate monitors help you reach your target heart-rate, so you can see when to push, and when to breathe. It’s all about working smarter for faster results. 


Looking for a place that uses science in an energizing group atmosphere to help you train smart not just hard in just 36 minutes? Start your Free Week today.