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FIT36 Third Lake Membership

One of the most common questions we get asked is: How often should I be working out and what type of membership is right for me?

FIT36 Third Lake has several different options based on what your fitness goals are. 


Unlimited Membership

The unlimited membership is for you if FIT36 is your only workout. It's also for you if you’re trying to boost your performance in another sport. Another great use of the unlimited membership is for the “off season” for your sport. The unlimited membership is a great way to stay active and in-shape.

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8 Classes Per Month

Some clients who are supplementing their other physical activity prefer to come to FIT36® twice per week. If you’re just looking to spice up your already established training routine a few times a week, then 8 FIT36 classes per month may be the membership for you.

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Our packages of classes offer you greater flexibility when a monthly membership may not be right for you. You can use these classes from month to month because they carry over; classes can be used up to twelve months from the package’s date of purchase.

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