MRT | HIIT | What is Metabolic Resistance Training

If your goal is to torch fat and build strength in an efficient way, Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) is the answer. Designed to maximize caloric expenditure while simultaneously increasing your metabolic rate, MRT truly makes an impact. While there are various ways to structure an MRT, the FIT36® training nails optimum efficiency with dynamically designed circuits. HIIT and MRT together are scientifically proven to help raise metabolism, build muscle, and torch fat. And that’s no small thing. Steady pace cardio may burn calories, but it is also often accused of breaking down muscle. With MRT you CAN actually have it all. One way that MRT works is by using the the positive (concentric) and negative (eccentric) motions of each movement. Concentric motion should be explosive, while maintaining correct form. Eccentric motions should be performed slower, so your muscles are forced to resist gravitational pull. FIT36® trainers understand the science behind MRT and are ready to help you master the correct controlled movement, speed and weight to put MRT to work and help get the results you’re seeking.  

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