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Sustainable Fitness 

FIT36® is not attached to a fitness fad of any kind or a particular methodology. 


We employ the science of HIIT and MRT to give clients the most effective workout in the shortest amount of time. It is more than a theory; it’s science. 

Boutique Fitness. Technology. Functional training systems.

According to, these are the top three trends moving into 2017, and FIT36® checks all three boxes. 

Low overhead—Light FF&E

FIT36® is not reliant on heavy, expensive equipment or costly retail. For FIT36® members, it’s about becoming a machine, not using one. 

Basics of the Business:

  • Manager run. Service-based. Simple model. 
  • Modest labor and virtually no cost of goods sold 
  • Robust pre-sales program for fast-ramp memberships 
  • Upbeat, high energy, trainer-led, 36 minute workout 
  • 20+ year track record of health and wellness franchising with WellBiz Brands, Inc. 

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