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Your Resolutions Can Spring Forward Too

Your Resolutions Can Spring Forward Too

We are always excited to welcome spring each year. The thrill of being able to run outside without fear of slipping on ice, getting a neck full of snow from an overhead branch, or having to wear head-to-toe layers to simply keep from shivering.  Sure, we love our snow sports.  Nothing says “ultimate rush” like finally showing that one killer black ski slope who’s boss, or discovering a breathtaking new snowshoeing spot. However, when it comes time to hang up the snowboard for the season and pack away the snowbrush, many of us are excited for the sunny season to come. However, as winter is rapidly becoming a mere frosty memory, are those New Year’s resolutions fading away as well? 

The ambitious promises made in the excitement and promise of the coming 2016, created with such enthusiasm – where are they today? If yours are little more than a well-intended inkling by now, you’re in good company. It is estimated that over 40% of us make New Year’s resolutions. Meanwhile, a paltry 8% of us are actually successful in keeping those resolutions for a year.  Before you start berating your lack of fortitude, let’s look at this as an opportunity to revamp our resolutions, and consider that the promises we made can maybe use a little honing and pruning. 

Were your resolutions . . .

  •  . . . too lofty? 
    Aiming to run a marathon in 2016? Great idea!  Aiming to run a marathon by April 1st when you’ve never set foot in a 5K race? That’s a recipe for failure. All the great intentions in the world can’t make up for lack of logic. If you do happen to have a “too high and goodbye” resolution in your past, don’t forgo it entirely. Instead, modify it into a more reasonable, attainable goal. What step can you take this month to move you in that direction?  
  • . . . too popular? 
    So you went for the group think resolution this year, joining your office in their Deepak Chopra-inspired quest to practice daily yoga at lunchtime.  Noble and time-worthy as it might be, it’s just not your style. What you’ve really wanted to do is learn how to kayak, sign up for a more challenging obstacle race, or increase your long-distance biking speed. Make your resolutions your own, and they’ll be way more satisfying to work toward and, eventually, achieve. 
  •  . . . too last December?
    Maybe you weren’t in the right place mentally to persevere enough to meet your goal two months ago. Coming straight off the craziness of the holidays can be a challenging time to try and channel your inner stamina to achieve an ambitious resolution.  Perhaps March is the perfect time to give it another go. As Thomas Edison, who reportedly tried and failed creating the lightbulb thousands of times, said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Perseverance does pay off, we just have to be creative and persistent with our attempts.

You CAN meet the resolutions you’re striving for, and the fact that you set the goal in the first place speaks great things about your personality. Go ahead and dust off those resolutions, kick the guilt to the curb, and get busy achieving your new-and-improved goals. Be sure to share your goals with your FIT36 coach for that added accountability. Find a location near you.  

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