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Will HIIT help me build muscle?

Will HIIT help me build muscle?

Whether you’re looking to bulk up or you're looking for a leaner, more cut physique, you’re probably wondering if your HIIT workout will get you there.  How much muscle mass will you actually build during your 36 minute sessions in the studio? 


The truth is, there are many factors that go into how much muscle mass you build – and yes, HIIT can help you with whatever kind of muscle buildup you desire.


The beast-mode bulk-up:

  • Be pro protein.  Why all the fuss about this one food group?  Protein is the only nutrient capable of promoting muscle growth.  And mixing it with carbs soon after your workout ensures that amino acids and other nutrients get sent most efficiently to your muscles.  The amount of protein you intake directly following your workout is important, but the same goes for your food choices for your entire day.  Because your muscles are building and changing in response to your workout for up to 24 hours after you leave the studio, properly feeding them with around the clock is crucial.  Stick to a “clean” diet as much as possible, while getting a substantial amount of protein and quality carbohydrates.
  • More and less.  A good rule of thumb for building muscle bulk is to use heavier weights or resistance, and do fewer reps.  You’ll still want your muscles to feel maxed out, but your reps and sets may go slower than those of others in your class, and that’s okay. 
  • One more about food – make sure you’re eating enough.  Building major muscle mass requires enough calories and nutrition to do so. 


The lean-and-cut:

  • We’re all about protein for you, too, but without all the emphasis on extra calories.  Also, if you’re trying to stay lean and mean, be extra choosy about your carbohydrates.  They’re not as crucial if you’re not trying to bulk up, so don’t make them the focal point of your meal, and make sure they’re quality (think: oatmeal or whole grain, seedy bread rather than the white bagel in the breakroom).  And don’t forget your protein
  • Less and more.    For you trim wannabes, your focus should be on doing lesser weight or resistance, but more reps and sets.  So during your studio class, the key is finding the weight/resistance balance between enough that you still build strength, but not so much that you’ll end up with more than you want.  Your trainer can clue you into what would work best for you.
  • On your days off from the studio, stay moderately active, and continue to not overdo it calorie-wise.  When you’re in training and using weights and resistance, at least some of your extra caloric intake will inevitably get stored as muscle mass. 
  • Utilize as many muscle groups as possible during exercises, rather than just focusing on one area (i.e; biceps).  The more singled out a muscle group is during activities over time, the more that one muscle will build up.


No matter the type of physique you’re craving, your HIIT classes at FIT 36 can get you there. Just a little bit of tweaking on your part, along with advice from the trainers, can help your HIIT work for you in the way you want, leading to the build and amount of muscle you desire. So what are you waiting for? Find a Fit36 studio near you today!

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