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Trying to Stay Fit During the Holidays?

Trying to Stay Fit During the Holidays?



Do you have travel plans for this holiday season?  If so, you’re not alone.  Last year an estimated 100 million Americans traveled 50 miles or more during the holiday season.  That’s a whopping 1 in 3 of us headed over the river and through the woods.  And unless you’ve got an epic adventure planned (we’ve got our sights set on this for next year or plan to hit the slopes or trails while you’re away, you can probably count on plenty of lounging around, visiting with relatives, and mounds of Aunt Rita’s peanut butter fudge.


Need some ideas for how to keep active during the holidays?  Not only will exercising now make your HIIT classes that much easier to get back to once you get home, but exercise is a great tool for keeping holiday and family-induced stress at bay.  Besides – if you’re out getting your sweat on you won’t be forced to participate in post-election banter with your brother.  Here are our top 5 favorite ways to keep fit over your holiday:


  1. Find a temporary gym-away-from-home.  Research ahead of time and see if any gyms or exercise studios offer free 7-day passes for new customers.  Or, if a relative or friend already belongs to one, see if you can score a guest pass.  You never know – you may find a new way to bond with a relative as you sweat, lift, and stretch your way through the 12 days of Christmas.  If you’re hotel-bound for the week, double-score if the hotel has a complimentary gym.


  1. DIY it.  No gym available?  No worries.  As long as you’ve got a little bit of space and a yoga mat or towel you can rock out enough planks, crunches, push-ups, and squats to make you sweat plenty. 


  1. Throw down a challenge.  Whether it’s snow touch football, basketball, or frosty Ultimate, gathering up the family rowdies for an outdoor head-to-head might just turn out to be the highlight of your vacation.  Plus, you might even learn that your Uncle Hal has some mad ball skills.


  1. Revisit the joy of sledding.  Really, when you think about it, sledding is awesome!  The thrill of the rush downhill, and then the great work out to be had trekking back up to the top makes for a perfect winter outing.  Bonus tip: Help the kids build a couple of bumps and (small) jumps along the downhill path to up the excitement factor even more.


  1. Spread some cheer.  Considering that this season is all about giving, why not initiate a family goodwill project by grabbing a few shovels and surprising the neighbors by clearing their driveways and sidewalks?  Not only will you and your loved ones get a great workout, but your warm and fuzzy feelings will last all throughout the holiday.


As the song says, “there’s no place like home for the holidays.”  May the time you spend with your family and friends be truly wonderful.  We wish you a wonderful time of enjoying some deserved time  off, counting your blessings, and soaking in the joy of this season. 

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