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Tips for a Fit Father's Day

Tips for a Fit Father's Day

You understand all of the benefits of fitness and it has become an integral part of your life. This Father’s Day it would be great to share your fitness passion with your Father and it could also be a good way to grow your relationship.  You know how great you feel after a workout and how exercise has lowered your stress, made your body healthier, and keeps your brain sharp?  Your Dad needs that too.  We’ve even done the hard part for you, and thought of a few ways to put this new-and-improved Father’s Day plan in action.  You can thank us later.

  • Set your sights high, but start small.  Want to bag a 14-er?  Have your eye on a super long hike that you have yet to do?  Want to make 100 free-throw shots in a row?  Start with smaller, regular training sessions and work your way up to awesomeness, together.  Then, when you accomplish your goal, you’ll both feel like rock stars, and will have grown closer because of it.
  • Try something new together.  Whether it’s paddle-boarding or Tai Chi, chances are that there are more than a few athletic activities that you’ve never tried, much less gotten proficient at.  Same goes for your dad.  Why not find one that sounds interesting to you both, and take a few classes?  It just so happens that archery and pickle ball are fast becoming wildly popular among those of the senior citizen age group.  Need more ideas?  How about Frisbee golf, lawn darts, shuffleboard, fishing, or yoga?  Sure, some of these activities may be not as heart-pumping as your 36-minute studio workouts, but you might be surprised at how challenging they can be.
  • Get your race on.  These days, in many metro areas, 5k and 10k races can be found nearly every weekend.  Pick one that’s a couple of months away, and start training, together.  If one or both of you are an old pro at races, turn on the speed and try to beat your PR.  Bonus points if you find a race whose proceeds benefit a cause that you’re both passionate about.  Got a dad who’s a fitness beast like you?  Looks like it might be a perfect time to seek out a half marathon, or a mini triathlon. 

Trust us on this – while your Dad is fine with the usual Father’s Day gifts of travel coffee mugs, socks, and barbecue utensils, he’d be totally stoked at a chance to hang out with you more while getting fitter and more healthy.  Why not start this Sunday?  A little exercise in the family gathering mix sure beats the customary sedentary cycle of sit, eat, sit, eat, and then nap like a post-antelope lion. 

Happy Father’s Day to your pops, indeed.  He deserves a great one.  Giving a gift of health this year will help to ensure many more to come. 

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