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The Great American Beer Festival

The Great American Beer Festival

Are you stretched and limber?  Have you properly hydrated yourself?  Can you get there early enough to get a spot?  Are you prepared to come home smelling like a brewery explosion?  (Uhhhh . . . . WHAT?)


We’re talking about the Great American Beer Festival, of course.  The all-things-malt-beverage-focused weekend where thousands of exuberant suds-lovers gather to learn about beer, check out local and distant brewery offerings, and sample lots and lots and lots of beer.

Good for you, Hops Head, that you’ve gotten proper training for this foray from your many FIT 36 classes.  How, you ask?  It so happens the way you should tackle the GABF is pretty similar to how you tackle your HIIT. 


  1. Proper attire required.  Be it Lycra and Nikes or be it a German bar maiden costume, folks dress for the part.  Good thing you’re already used to seeing all manner of outfits on all manner of people at your workouts.  As for yourself, we recommend comfortable shoes and spill-friendly attire, but the rest is up to your beer-inspired imagination.  
  2. You have an appreciation for smaller packages.  An entire booty-kicking workout in a compact 36 minutes?  Um, yeah.  36 minutes is plenty, thank you very much. An entire festival to enjoy with one little “compact” 1-ounce cup?  Yes and yes.  Believe us, by the end of the event, you’ll find its smaller size to be plenty, too.
  3. Snack well and snack often.  You wouldn’t dream of forgoing snacks before or after your studio session.  Don’t skimp on the snacks with your beer, either.  This is where the similarities end, however, as we have yet to see a pretzel necklace during one of our HIIT classes . . .

(Bonus tip: bring your own empty water bottle to fill at water stations around the festival.  Believe us – you’ll be so glad you did.)

  1. Pace yourself.  Can you imagine if you went full-force at the beginning of your HIIT workout, leaving yourself no energy for the other 27 minutes?  Same goes here, friend.  You might be tempted to go hard right out of the gate, with the “why not?  It’s only an ounce!” mentality, but the slow and steady mentality will be a much smarter way to go for the festival. 
  2. Take a moment to appreciate.  Like the trainers at the studio, these brewers put a lot of time and effort and thought into their product.  This festival is their big chance to show off their craft.  If you like what you’re experiencing, be sure to let ‘em know.  Heck, if you strike up a conversation, you might even learn something about the cold stuff you never knew. 
  3. We’re always impressed with folks who, when faced with a super-tough part of the workout, keep a smile on their face and a positive attitude, all while their insides are screaming for mercy.  When it comes to beer, you’re not going to love every kind.  Your “grin and take it” attitude you got from HIIT will serve you well as you try to power down that hoppy IPA or super-sweet fruity concoction under the watchful eyes of the brewer. Gulp. 


Have a great time at GABF.  We’re glad we could do our part to make you extra prepared for your weekend.  Party safely, enjoy yourself, and know that we’ll be waiting for you next week for even more training for what life throws your way.

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