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The Benefits Of Working Out With Others

The Benefits Of Working Out With Others

February is here, and that means Valentine’s Day is approaching! However, February isn’t just about focusing on your meaningful relationships on one single day. February is also the month of Relationship Wellness. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the meaningful relationships in your life and proactively work on ensuring they are healthy and strong.

Are you struggling with maintaining a strong emotional connection with your partner? Are you feeling like you’re in a relationship rut? We might just have a solution.

They say that couples that sweat together, stay together. We all know that fitness can benefit your physical and mental well-being, but can it also benefit your personal relationships? Quite often many people choose to workout alone, but for your next gym visit, you may want to grab your partners hand and bring them along! When couples workout together, it can benefit the relationship in many ways. Most notably, couples who exercise together can enjoy:

  • Increased happiness with your relationship. Studies show that sharing a fitness goal such as training for a marathon, a fitness competition, losing weight together etc. can increase the quality of your romantic relationship. Having a date night at the gym or going for a run together psychologically arouses romantic attraction.

  • Improvement in the quality of your workouts. Having a workout partner can greatly enhance your exercise performance. This goes for both a romantic partner or just a friend. With their encouragement, we tend to push ourselves harder. Don’t forget the added accountability. We’re much more likely to show up and stick to a schedule when we’ve committed to someone else!  

  • Experiencing stronger feelings for your partner. Exercising effects our body in a way that mimics falling in love: shortness of breath, racing pulse and sweaty hands are like feeling the thrill of a strong attraction. This can cause your attractiveness to increase in the eyes of your partner.

  • You’re more likely to help each other reach your fitness goals. It’s much easier to stay on track when your partner has similar fitness and health goals and offers words of encouragement. You two can even make healthier decisions while spending time together outside of the gym.

  • Strengthen your emotional bond. When exercising together, you might lift weights in rhythm with your partner, or match your walking or running pace on the treadmill. This creates something called mimicry, which is very beneficial. Nonverbal mimicry can help people feel emotionally attuned with each other. This can create a stronger bonding feeling between the two of you. Exercising together allows you to strengthen that bond and work on your health at the same time.

So, for your next sweat session, ask your partner to come along. There’s a good chance you’ll feel more motivated and might even learn a new exercise too! You’ll also get to feel the satisfaction of knowing you are not only working on improving your health, but you’re also building your emotional bond with your partner.

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