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Taking your Polar Heart Rate Monitor Beyond the Gym

Taking your Polar Heart Rate Monitor Beyond the Gym

We won’t lie, we love to push our clients to the max. It’s what we do. However, we make sure that we do it safely. Thanks to the Polar heart rate monitoring system we can do just that. This system allows our trainers and you to watch your heart rate along with other stats such as calories burned throughout your FIT36® workout. Under the trainer’s watchful eye, you’ll know if you’re truly pushing your hardest, and when you need to push harder. You’ll also have the comfort of knowing that you’re doing it safely. Another benefit to using our the Polar heart rate sensor is that you can take it beyond our studio.



Track Every Workout 

If you want to take your fitness levels to new heights, you understand that you must workout outside of the studio as well. Monitor each workout with the Polar Flow App. As you run, bike, hike or climb you can continually check your heart rate and calorie burn. Just like in the studio, tracking your progress helps motivate you and allows you to make adjustments to your workouts to help you burn fat. 

Stay Competitive 

The FIT36® community is an active, competitive community of those who love to work out together in and out of the studio. Taking your Polar heart rate sensor outside of the studio allows you to keep up the competitive spirit of the community. You’ll be able to push yourself and your friends harder. 

By monitoring your fitness levels in the gym and beyond, you can continue to push yourself to reach new fitness goals. Using a heart rate monitoring system like Polar makes it easy to see just how hard you’re working during your workouts in addition to helping you track your progress. This will help you stay motivated in achieving your fitness goals. To learn more about how we incorporate Polar and the heart rate monitoring system into the FIT36® community, visit

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