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Summer Games, All Grown Up

Summer Games, All Grown Up

If you’re anything like us, you get pretty excited about the 4th of July.  What’s not to love?  It’s a fun mixture of celebration, relaxation, friends and family, sunny outdoor activities, and impressive displays of fireworks after the sun goes down.  And, since this year’s Independence Day falls on a Monday, you’ve got yourself a three-day weekend to contend with.  Planning on hosting a barbecue with your pals? Or just headed over to another friend’s party?  Regardless of how you plan to celebrate, could your get-together use a little action?  We know you – sitting around for 3 hours munching on potato salad isn’t quite your style.  Lucky for you, we’ve got some ideas to kick up your event, FIT36-style. 

  • Get flagged.  Remember the Capture the Flag games from your elementary school days? ( Now picture it with faster players, smarter strategies, and your best buds trying to outwit each other. Any large front and back yard will do, or else a nearby park.  Even more fun?  Swap out the flags for glow sticks, have all the players wear black, and play after the sun goes down.
  • Get dodged.  Another oldie that deserves a resurrection, dodgeball is a blast, through and through. A couple of fun variations:
  1. Opposite Hand Dodgeball: you may be a ball-chucking rock star, but when everyone has to use their opposite hand, it levels the playing field a little, and is darn funny to watch.
  2. Traitor Ball: Same Dodgeball rules apply, only when someone gets hit with a ball they have to go to the other team’s side and play.
  • Get found.  Seriously, have you played Hike and Seek since you’ve turned 13? It’s still the same heart-pounding, exciting game you thought it was when you were little. The thrill of waiting, breathless and silent, trying and not be found, only to jet out of your hiding spot and make a run for Base?  Oh yeah – it’s good stuff. While you’re at it, why not resurrect the Sardines version of Hide and Seek? You’ve been wanting to get a little “closer” to your cousin’s hot friend anyway, right?
  • Get corny. Cornhole is great for the two or four people playing, but not so much for the rest of the group standing around, watching the beanbags fly. Try these crowd-friendly, all-abilities-welcome options:
  1.  Egg toss-style: start with the two boards close together, and everyone who makes a cornhole gets to advance to the next round.  Keep moving the boards further apart. The one who can make it in from the greatest distance wins
  2. Speed Cornhole: everyone takes a turn trying to get as many cornholes in a certain amount of time, running back and forth between boards (3 minutes seems to work well). Keep score on a giant dry erase board or chalkboard.

This Independence Day, we’re sure that you’ll be the Cookout Champion if you introduce your group to these fun variations on the summer holiday barbecue. With a little prodding, even the reluctant guests will end up having a blast. 

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