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Strong is the new Sexy

Strong is the new Sexy

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, we were being told (mostly women) that in order to be sexy, you must be skinny. Maintaining that thin figure meant that you must weigh a certain amount and consume a small number of calories. Society said you must be small, skinny and toned.

I’m sure we all can remember the big fuss over Jessica Simpson’s weight fluctuations, mainly because her weight gains became the focus of so many tabloids and news stations. She was scrutinized for her weight before and even after having children! Today, her workout regimen involves cardio and strength training. For her, it’s not about hitting a number on a scale. She doesn’t have a weight goal, she just wants to look healthy!

In recent years, society has shifted its messaging. The new definition of sexy is changing, and it’s about time. Strong is the new sexy! Women are learning to embrace their bodies and focus on health and happiness. Society’s shift to “strong is the new sexy” has many positives:

  • Women are paying less attention to the scale and more to the muscle they are building. Weight means nothing. This defies the traditional female logic of being slim and weighing as light as a feather. 125lbs can look very different depending on a person’s body composition. Body composition is far more responsible for the way you look than an arbitrary number that you would like to weigh. Weight gain is not a bad thing! A certain weight isn’t synonymous with a certain body type, and this is being more widely accepted in today’s new “strong is the new sexy” mindset

  • We have a healthy relationship with food! We are eating more, and our bodies are thanking us for it. There has been an increased focus on eating good quality food to sustain muscle growth and give us the fuel for our workouts

  • It has become very common to see women in the weight room.  Being toned means building muscle, and women are lifting heavier and building strength

  • Not only does the body become stronger, but so does your mind! Exercise has been proven to stimulate the production of mood-regulating brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters which include dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline. Increasing production of these chemicals has a positive effect on your mood and may reduce or prevent symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. Not to mention the increase in self-confidence!

Strong is the new sexy shows us that “sexy” is building a stronger mind and body. It’s not about paying attention to a number on the scale, but rather being happy with how you look and feeling amazing. There are so many body types, but what is attractive is a person who takes pride in bettering themselves and staying disciplined. The discipline and dedication are sexy, not the body type.  

Strength is also about building new and stronger relationships, the focus on being better, the increased self-esteem and the many other improvements that we see in every aspect of our lives because of the fitness lifestyle.

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