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Staying Fit While Away From Home

Staying Fit While Away From Home

Do you have holiday travel in your near future?   Considering that last year 98.6 million Americans traveled over the holidays, you’re in good company.  People just simply crave time with their loved ones during Christmas, Hanukah, and New Year’s.  We crave “home” with an intensity that drives us to join the throngs of other weary travelers on congested roads or in airport lines, knowing that when we walk through the door, the smiles and hugs of family or friends will make the whole trip worth it. 


While your holiday destination will most likely feature favorite family recipes, plenty of relaxing over snacks and drinks, and (here’s hoping) plenty of lounging around, what it won’t have is your favorite FIT36 studio.  Granted, it’s nice to take a break from the routine, exercise included.  However, in case you feel like ditching the reindeer pajamas for an hour or so and working up a sweat, we’ve got our top 5 favorite tips for exercising while away from home.


  1. Creativity counts.  You’ve heard it said that “necessity is the mother of invention”?  The beauty of HIIT workouts is that they are extremely portable.  Using only your body weight and a large enough space to move around in, you can enjoy a decent workout.  Make up your own HIIT routine (hey – the trainers aren’t there to boss you around) from things like burpees, push-ups, jump-squats, mountain-climbers, and high-knee jogging.  You can even use items around you, like chairs for dips, or stairs for quick up-and-downs, to enhance your workout.  Staying at a hotel?  Even better – it probably has a fitness center you can use.  Just make sure that you go through cycles of high intensity followed by a 10-30 second period of rest. 
  2. Get the fam involved.  Sure, Dad may not be able to burpee with you, but maybe he can join you for a brisk walk or some jumping jacks. 

Feeling some sibling rivalry?  Work out that childhood jealousy by challenging them to an exercise competition.  Seeing who can do the most push-ups in a minute, or who can sprint the fastest, can put a fun spin on the holiday norm.  Bonus: since you’re the one who’s been busting it out at FIT36, chances are you’ll smoke ‘em. 

  1. Incorporate fitness into the holiday agenda.  Instead of a post-gift-fest nap, why not take the crew ice-skating or sledding?  Or take the little ones outside to build a snow fort?  If there’s no snow, how about a family Frisbee or kickball game? 
  2. Ask your family members or friends about their gym memberships.  Some gyms allow members to bring a guest for free, or for a small fee.  Many also run “bring a friend” specials over the holidays for just this very reason.
  3. Most importantly, just relax.  Don’t get overly stressed about missing workouts, or the piece of pecan pie you ate for breakfast.  Again.  Working just a little bit of exercise into your vacation will make you feel better, and will make the transition back to reality that much easier.  Enjoy your time away, and rest assured that the studio, and trainers, will be waiting for you when you return. 

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