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Setting Healthy Resolutions For the New Year

Setting Healthy Resolutions For the New Year


Being healthy is not about size or weight. Everyone has a different body shape: body positivity is key to making sure that what you’re doing to stay healthy is actually good for you.


What does ‘healthy’ mean?

It’s a word that has taken on different meanings over time but, basically, being healthy means doing what is necessary to maintain your mind and body at optimal operating levels. That sounds a little like something the internet would tell you, but it’s the clearest definition of the term ‘healthy.’


Focus on being strong, rather than thin

So often, people decide to start a workout routine because they want to be thinner or fit into a smaller dress size. The real key to being healthy though is to have strong bones, muscles, and brain power! By eating balanced meals, in the proper proportions and with all the nutritional elements your body requires, and exercising regularly, you are working to keep stay strong.

As we age, and our muscles begin to break down a little more quickly, keeping your core strength up will go a long way to keeping you agile and active, well into your later years.


Focus on building up your endurance, rather than worrying about your weight

When you exercise, you build muscle and since muscle weighs more than fat, people who start a new routine will often get on a scale and think that the exercise isn’t doing them any good. It’s actually the opposite! Building up your physical endurance, your heart health and your lung capacity are all excellent ways to stay healthy.

In fact, body weight is not a good indication of health. As stated above, muscle weighs more than fat so looking at your overall health, body fat mass, muscle mass is what counts. Check out this article from FIT36® owner Sheryl Langley for an excellent breakdown on changing your mindset from focusing on the scale to your overall body health.

Your weight isn’t the issue, so much as your overall endurance is. Can you climb a flight of stairs without getting winded? Can you walk to the store at a good pace without losing all your energy? Building up your endurance is essential to living well.


Focus on flexibility over muscle size

Sure, bodybuilders have a particular interest in the size of their muscles but unless you’re planning on running for the title of Mr. Universe, you should know that being flexible is far more important.

If you’re flexible and limber, your body can cope with the day to day activities that can otherwise fatigue you. Going up and down the stairs, picking up your kids in your arms, fixing the light fixture in your bathroom. Seemingly small tasks that can be severely curbed if you have no flexibility and your muscles aren’t limber.


Your overall health and wellbeing is about enjoying your life to the fullest, every single day. If you have difficulty getting around or even doing the simple daily tasks that make up our lives, you aren’t healthy. Take the time to figure out a routine by speaking to a FIT36® coach who can help you put together a workout plan that will get you on the path to strong, flexible and full of endurance in 2019!

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