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Secret Santa Christmas Gift Ideas – FIT36 Packs

Secret Santa Christmas Gift Ideas – FIT36 Packs

If you’ve ever done a Secret Santa Christmas gift exchange, then you understand that it can be difficult to find a good gift. It takes one part thriftiness combined with a little creativity. This year, why not surprise the person you’re buying for with the gift of fitness from FIT36®. One of our FIT36® Packs is the perfect surprise gift for someone wanting to bring their fitness to a new level in the new year.

FIT36® 10 - Pack  

Ten-packs are perfect if your recipient wants to test the waters with HIIT workouts. Perhaps they’ve been talking about getting more in shape, or they want to burn more fat. Have them try one of our FIT36® sessions to see if HIIT training feels right. The 10-pack allows them to workout in a FIT36® studio 10 times without restriction to time. They can get the 10 workouts in during a 2-week span, or whenever they feel over the next several months.

8-Time Per-Month Memberships

This pack is another opportunity for those who are considering ramping up their fitness in 2016. They’ll benefit from eight, 36-minute sessions at one of our FIT36® studios. They’ll get a good idea of the intensity and the positive results from an intense HIIT workout. It is an excellent opportunity for them to understand the sense of our fun fitness community that encompasses each studio.  

Unlimited Monthly Memberships

If you’re a FIT36® member, and you know someone who is ready to join the community, then the Unlimited Memberships is perfect. They can get their HIIT fix any time they want at one of our studios. Since each workout is only 36 minutes, it’s perfect for those with a busy schedule.  

Secret Santa gifts are fun, and you can go many different directions. This year, why not surprise with the gift of elevated fitness. A FIT36® Pack is perfect for those starting to think about their New Year’s Resolutions and bringing their fitness to the next level. Find out more at

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