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Ring the Kettlebell — What These Weights Do for your Workout

Ring the Kettlebell — What These Weights Do for your Workout

Ah the kettlebell, it is one of our favorite pieces of equipment here at FIT36™. There won’t be a day in the studio where you won’t find someone using one of these. Athletes of all types have jerked and snatched these things for centuries. Why are they so popular? Because it is such a versatile piece of equipment and allows you to work multiple muscle groups during a single exercise. 

Arms and Legs and Core, OH MY!

If you are working out with us, you’re here to take your fitness to a new level. Kettlebells work your entire body. We’ll use them to work your arms and legs; plus every exercise that uses a kettlebell will engage your core — giving you a full-body workout.

Get Your Heart Pumping

Our goal during HIIT workouts is to get you to push yourself to the max. Kettlebell exercises require you to use large muscle groups and a large range of motion which makes for an incredible cardio workout in addition to strength training. This combination will help you burn fat faster. 

Functional Movements 

When working out with kettlebells you’ll use muscle groups that you use every day. Yes, the exercise may not seem like a daily position, but the muscle groups are ones that you use daily. Kettlebell exercises train these muscle groups to work together. 

They may look a bit outdated, but kettlebells are one of the premier and most useful pieces of equipment in the studio. That’s why they’ve been around forever, and they’re one of our favorites. Whether you’re swinging them, pulling them or pushing them, kettlebells get the job done right. If you need a little extra push in your training regimen, or just want to take your fitness workouts to the next level, pick up a kettlebell or just pick up one of ours. Check us out, it’ll be a workout like no other. Visit to find a studio near you. 

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