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Reclaim Your Glory Days

Reclaim Your Glory Days

Do you have a treasure trove of trophies from your youth soccer days hidden away in your parents’ house?  Is your high school letter jacket stashed away in your closet? Your PR’s in high school track and cross-country – have you still got them memorized? Very impressive. Or, perhaps, your younger years looked a little different. Were you way more into books than brawn?  You dreaded gym class, and sometimes fabricated an illness to miss a round of dodge ball. You would have rather eaten a tennis ball than learned how to hit it properly with a racket – is that you?

How we were (or, at least, how we were perceived) in high school is something that tends to stay with us well into adulthood. The way our lives were shaped in those brief 4 years, and the influence they can have on the rest of our lives is baffling. Regardless, popular or nerdy, high-achieving or not succeeding, it can be hard to let those personas go, regardless of the number of miles or years that are placed between us and high school. 

The news flash that your gym teacher, volleyball coach, or chess club leader didn’t tell you, however, is this . . . high school isn’t where you peak, and it isn’t where it ends. You can do it all again - only this time, better. According to a Today/AOL Ideal to Real Body Image Survey that captured responses from over 2000 adults, both men and women say the age they feel the best about their bodies is 27.  However, 28 is the age people tend to feel the best about their overall appearances, and 34 is when we feel we "experience the most success" in general. And folks in their 50s and 60s? They’re just happier with everything, from their appearance to their finances, and worry about things less. 

A few more thoughts for you: The average age of a marathon runner is 38.7.  The average age of Tour De France winners is just over 28 years. Of the 4.8 million “frequent” hikers in America, the highest participating age group is 35-44. It’s not uncommon to see rock climbers and tennis players in their 40s and 50s.    

The takeaway? Now is the perfect time to reclaim your status as a “fitness machine.” And it’s a great time to reinvent your relationship with exercise. The beauty of exercising as an adult is that you get to thrive where you want to. Instead of being forced to learn the fundamentals of badminton and proper shuttlecock handling, you get to try your hand at kayaking, mountain biking, or marathon training. As you power through our studio HIIT sessions on a regular basis, you will get stronger. You will set, meet, and sail past many personal goals. You’ll be way fitter, and way cooler, than you ever were in high school (yes, even you, Little Miss Cheerleader Prom Queen). Think the best years of your life were in high school or college? Nah . . . your glory days could be happening right now.  No letter jacket required.








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