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Looking and Feeling Your Best Ever Over 50

Looking and Feeling Your Best Ever Over 50

Fitness Owner Shares Her Secrets to Being Fit, Happy & Healthy


Best shape of your life at 50? Is it really possible? Sheryl Langley is living proof. Sheryl is nearly 53 and has never looked or felt better. Her newly-sculpted, size-two figure has been a transformation for her in mind, body and spirit. A transformation that has been so inspirational for her, that earlier this year, she bought a franchise offering the same, unique fitness training program that has changed her life. Created by Ned Matheson and Brad Cooley, FIT36® is a full-body, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout in just 36 minutes. Langley opened her own FIT36® studio in the Highlands community in Denver in February.

Langley started working out at the very first FIT36® studio two years ago. At the time, she was a size 6-8 in clothing and nearly 20 pounds heavier. She had always been into fitness, exercising at the gym and playing tennis two to three times a week. At one time, she even owned her own step aerobics studio in Scotland, and managed a Richard Simmons studio in Dallas. But it wasn’t until she turned 50 and discovered FIT36® that she began to find her passion.

“The gym just didn’t do it for me. It was the same routine, no variety and that made it hard to get motivated,” says Langley. “FIT36 helped me timewise, giving me a whole-body, functional workout in 36 minutes. The workouts were fun, challenging, always changing with different circuits, and there was a real sense of community among the people you HIIT with. I started seeing muscles I’d never seen before and began sculpting my body. The transformation just blew my mind.”

Her body transformation led to even bigger changes in Langley’s life. She started practicing Yoga, meditation, getting massages and enjoying the outdoors more by hiking and skiing. She began eating better, enjoying healthier foods, avoiding soda and drinking more water.

“People who know me never see me without a water bottle,” Langley muses. “It keeps me hydrated and really helps to suppress my appetite.”

The result has been complete satisfaction with her body. The balance she has found between keeping active, meditation and Yoga has given her an inner happiness and the self-discipline to take better care of herself. Having good family genes hasn’t hurt her either.

“My mom is 77 and still works out at the Y,” says Langley. “She is inspiring because she looks and acts young. I think that’s the secret. You have to keep moving and taking care of yourself. Find your passion and you will look and feel fabulous.”

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