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We can all remember being a school-aged child and how much we loved summer. It was the season of no school, no responsibilities, pools, vacations, popsicles, sunshine and finger wrinkles from staying in the water all day. At some point, we got older and work, responsibility, and adulting became a part of our lives. But that doesn’t mean that summer can’t still be the greatest season of the year. Here are some quick tips on how to live your best summer this year:


Summer is the best time to soak up some Vitamin D and discover the world around you. We love a great workout in our FIT36 studios, but even our teams want to get you outside occasionally. This summer, discover a new hiking trail, take your lunch outside, or ride your bike to work. Find a way each day to get outside.


From swimming pools to lakes to oceans, summertime offers many opportunities to get in the water. Watersports are fun complements to mix up your exercise routine. Swim laps at your neighborhood pool. Go paddle boarding in a local lake or reservoir. Getting fit is always fun when you don’t realize you are exercising!


Summer evenings are some of the most magical times of the year; A warm breeze sweeping through the sky while watching a beautiful sunset. Carve time out of your summer days to do absolutely nothing. Make your backyard or patio an oasis by simply purchasing a comfortable chair, lighting a candle and let the beautiful outdoors take you away.


Summer is a great time to learn something new. Trade an hour of TV time for adding something into your life that you’ve never done before. Start a book club with your neighbors, learn a new hobby or try a new fitness class that you’ve always want to check out.

Don’t let the joy of summer be a thing of the past. Recapture your childhood by making this your best summer yet.


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