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Let’s Sweat it On

Let’s Sweat it On


Dinner.  Dinner and a movie.  Dinner and drinks.  Drinks and a movie.  And, if you’re going to get really crazy – Drinks, dinner, and a movie.  Does this description sum up the majority of your recent dates?  Does it seem like your Saturday nights have been on a repeating loop – same scene, different weekend?  As much as you like dinner (and who doesn’t, really?), the same ol’ same ol’ can get a little ho-hum.  If your dates can use a little changing-up, we’d like to help.  And in case you can’t guess, our definition of a great offbeat date happens to be one where you both get a great workout, exercising together.  Skeptical?  We thought so.  On this week of build-up before Valentine’s Day we’d like to put in our two cents for why a workout date is a date that works.

  • I see your true colors.  Everyone can, and does, talk a big game when trying to woo a cute date.  Claims of marathons conquered and 14’ers scaled flow like happy hour house wine in the safety of a button-up shirt and a cozy restaurant booth.  Inviting your date to exercise with you helps him put his manpower where his mouth is.
  • Toddler or tough gal?  Life in the middle of a super-challenging workout is a nice parallel to life in the middle of an actual hardship.  And it’s a handy glimpse into how she handles life’s speedbumps.  When things get tough does she throw a tantrum and blame everyone, and everything, else?  Or does she suck it up, bear down, and try her best?  Does she lash out at those around her, or is she able to laugh at herself?  It’s a pretty decent litmus test for how she’ll handle real-lfe, and real-relationship, issues.
  • Sweat together, stay together.  A 2000 study by Aron, Heyman, Aron, and Norman found that couples who achieve a difficult physical challenge together report feeling more satisfied with their relationship and feel more love for their significant other. 
  • Chal-longe!  Let’s face it, no matter how cute/loving/sweet/wonderful you believe your date to be, you’re not going to hesitate to show him up.  And you’re not going to hold back trying to out-burpee, outrun, out-squat, or out-crunch him.  The result, a way better workout thanks to you working your tail off.  That is, if you’re at all competitive.  Which you are, of course.
  • Copy this, copycat.  Did you know that couples who mimic each other’s movements during activities like exercising end up feeling more in tune with each other?  And even if nothing deep and meaningful is uttered, couples who exercise together walk away feeling more bonded? 


The bottom line is that you want a partner who is like-minded with your values and choices.  If exercise is an important part of your life, you may not be as satisfied with a partner who prefers a more sedentary lifestyle.  Going on a date at the FIT36 studio can set a healthy standard that, with a little work and care, can be a keystone characteristic of your long and healthy life together.

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