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Join the FIT36 Community Before and After Icelantic Winter on the Rocks

Join the FIT36 Community Before and After Icelantic Winter on the Rocks

As the Official Fitness Partner of Icelantic Winter on the Rocks, FIT36® is pumped to be hosting a before-concert workout the day of the concert. At 12:15 p.m. MST on January 29th, FIT36® will be hosting a free HIIT workout at Red Rocks led by one of the brand’s founders and owners of the LoDo location. The workout will be a modified HIIT workout in the open air of the famous amphitheater. More about this below.

So What’s FIT36® All About?

FIT36® is HIIT workouts in a thriving fitness community. Have you ever worked out by yourself and you’re not motivated to give it your all? For some reason when you’re alone it’s easier not to push and leave a few reps in the gym.” We’ve all been there; that’s why FIT36® is a fitness community that supports one another. 

Team Support 

When you look at any team, you’ll see a bond that forms. The members of that team stick up for each other, push each other, and hold each other accountable. The type of workout and close-knit space allows for a bond to be formed. You’ll push each other to complete every interval to your max. Although, everyone is exhausted you’ll see smiles and notice a feeling of accomplishment that’s mutually shared among group members. The bond that you’ll form will keep you wanting to work harder and not miss workouts — something that’s easy to do when you’re going at it alone. 

You Have A Coach 

Each FIT36® workout is led by a certified personal trainer. They’re there to help you, cheer you on, make you push harder, and most importantly make sure that you're doing each exercise safely. 

Get a Taste of FIT36 at Winter On The Rocks 

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Get to Denver and  Winter On The Rocks to check us out. The annual winter concert at Red Rocks is Friday, January 29th at 7pm. Before the party begins, join us at Red Rocks for a special FIT36® workout at 12:15 pm. Led by FIT36® founders, you’ll get a taste of what a FIT36® community is all about.  

Don’t miss out on the biggest fitness party of the winter. Join FIT36® at Winter On The Rocks. Check us out online to learn more about bringing your fitness to a whole new level in a fun community, visit

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