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It’s Time for Your Very Own Spring Training

It’s Time for Your Very Own Spring Training

It’s March, which means two things.  One:  the public world hasn’t seen you without layers of sweatshirts, long pants, and socks in months.  And two: whether your pasty limbs and torso are ready or not, warm weather is on its way.  Your situation gets a little more pressing if you’ve got a sunny spring break destination in the works.  The question stands – could YOU use a little Spring Training to get your body in tip-top shape for the warm weather ahead?  Depending on how lofty your fitness goals are, you have no time to lose. 


One 2004 study conducted by the University of Wisconsin showed that a group of sedentary men put through a six-week exercise program of three 20-minute workouts per week found nearly no changes in their overall strength and appearance.  The lesson?  Change can happen, but if you want it a little quicker, you can use HIIT to get there.  In fact, just doing high-intensity interval workouts for two weeks can improve your aerobic capacity as much as 6 weeks of endurance training.   


Take another study into consideration.  A 2007 study discussed in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that women who exercised at the highest intensity level saw doubled cardiovascular fitness over those who exercised at the lowest intensity.  The second lesson?  It’s a really good thing that you’ve got the trainers at FIT36 on your side.  The HIIT workouts are just what it takes to turbo-boost your workout progress.


For example, if you want to up your running speed to beat your PR in an upcoming race, HIIT can help you get it to where you want it to be.  When you do HIIT your cardiovascular system gets stronger and is able to deliver more blood to your body more efficiently.  Also, your muscles get more efficient at using the oxygenated blood.  The result?  Faster and more impressive race performance.


If your goal is to get primed and in shape for the rec spring soccer or softball team, your workouts at FIT36 can get you there.  When it comes to playing soccer, softball, and many other sports, having the ability to move with explosive, powerful bursts of energy can make the difference between a team win or a team loss.  Much of our workouts are comprised of movements like these, which means that spending some time at our studio could mean time spent later as team MVP. 


Lastly, as far as spring training goes, HIIT is a great option because it allows you to gain cardio endurance AND gain muscle.  Traditional, steady state cardio exercise (think: endless cumulative hours on the treadmill) can sometimes encourage muscle loss, which is exactly what you don’t want when spring training.  The high-intensity exercises included with your HIIT classes are specially designed to build both muscle and powerful cardio endurance.


Spring Training isn’t just for baseball players to get in shape in the warm Arizona sun.  Spring Training is happening right now at FIT36.  Spring is coming, ready or not.  The question is, how fast, strong, and toned do YOU want to get? 

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