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It Won’t Bite - TRX the Right Way

It Won’t Bite - TRX the Right Way


By now you’ve read about how we love Kettlebells; today we are going to talk about another incredible piece of equipment you’ll find in our FIT36® studios — TRX straps. They look intimidating and can make you feel uncoordinated at first, but these straps are very diverse and key to a hard-hitting, full-body workout. They are perfect for FIT36® circuits.   

Build up Your Core 

TRX offers hundreds of different exercises that we blend into our HIIT routines, and all of them need you to engage your core to help stabilize your body during the TRX workouts. The more you work your core with TRX, the more coordinated and balanced you will become both with these straps and in your every day life.

Versatility for You 

TRX workouts offer plenty of versatility in exercises and focused areas of impact. TRX training allows you to start and get accustomed to the functional aspect of the training. From there, you can gradually build on your exercises and add kettlebells to movements as well. TRX straps allow you to lift your body weight in seemingly endless types of movements.

TRX is Perfect for HIIT 

The purpose of HIIT is to push yourself as hard as you can for short periods followed by short intervals of rest. This is why TRX movements are perfect to integrate into HIIT circuits. They are designed for strength training, explosive exercises and to work you aerobically and anaerobically. 

The next time you walk into a fitness studio, and you see straps hanging from the ceiling, don’t get intimidated. Get ready for an intense, versatile workout that engages your entire body. Visit one of our FIT36® studios to find out more about TRX workouts and how they can help you burn fat faster. 

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