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Is HIIT Good for Beginners?

Is HIIT Good for Beginners?


Has it been a while?  Are your gym shoes from the days when Michael Jordan advertised them?  Does your exercise equipment at home have more than one season of clothing draped over it?  Are you not even sure what people wear to work out in public these days?  You might even have your excuse list down pat for when someone asks you if you want to enter a 5k or try a weight training class (sports bra doesn’t fit/no time/kids have to nap/work meeting/dog is sick/watching Stranger Things).


When you’ve been out of the workout loop for a while, or were never in the loop in the first place, it’s not easy to break in.  It’s hard to fit it into your schedule, it’s hard to work up the courage to join a studio or gym, and it’s really hard to see evidence of just how out-of-shape you’ve gotten.  On top of everything else, you keep hearing about how great HIIT classes, but you’re pretty sure you’re not at “that level” yet.


It’s true that if you walk into our fitness studio, you’ll probably see quite a few fit folks in our classes.  However, it’s definitely not a requirement.  In fact, our HIIT classes are great for beginners for a few reasons:

  • You don’t have a lot of time, and you don’t need it.  Our classes are 36 minutes, and that’s all you need for an effective, complete workout.
  • We’re watching you.  Each of our small-group sessions is closely monitored by a trained coach who keeps an eye on you, your form and method, and your heartrate, to make sure that you’re working hard enough to get awesome results, but not enough to injure yourself.
  • We mix it up for you.  If you’re a beginner, or are just getting back in the saddle after a long hiatus, you might not be sure exactly which kind of exercise is going to be your cup o’ fitness tea.  During our HIIT sessions we cycle through several different activities and exercise styles, sure to help you hone your personal taste.
  • High results, lower frustration.  There’s nothing like busting it on the treadmill for three weeks, only to find very little evidence of your hard work.  HIIT has been proven to yield higher-than-average results when compared to other types of exercise.  You burn a ton of calories and strengthen muscles during class, and continue to burn calories for several hours after the session ends, thanks to an impressive “after-burn” effect. 


Good for you – we applaud your ambition and rededication to your health, and we are excited to help you design and reach your fitness goals.  Aside from getting you a little leaner and meaner, starting an exercise program now will help reduce your stress level, improve your confidence and mood, improve your sleep, and raise your energy level.


P.S.  After you’ve reached your desired level of fitness (and yes, it will happen), HIIT will continue to be a challenging and effective workout as you adapt the difficulty level to match your fitness abilities. 

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