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Improve Your Balance for Greater Health

Improve Your Balance for Greater Health



Strength training and cardio are two key components to achieving optimal health, but often times we forget about a foundational aspect of health: good balance. No matter what your fitness level, balance can always be improved upon and has a dramatic impact on your work out goals. 


Louis Stack, a balance training expert and a member of the Canadian National Speed Skating teams says, “Balance conditioning is a way to train the body to make better use of the strength you already have.” Having good balance enhances your HIIT work-out technique, heightens your body awareness and puts you at less risk for injury. 


It is important to include balance exercises into your work-out routine two or three times per week. Here are a few you can start incorporating today:


  1. One simple way to improve your balance is to focus on your posture. When standing, your legs should be slightly relaxed at the ankles and knees. Your arms should rest comfortably at your side. Your head should be up, ears over shoulders, eyes focusing ahead. Your chin should be level and your shoulders and hips should be even with the ground. Focusing on your posture throughout the day is an easy way to help improve your balance.


  1. Increase the amount of time you are able to stand on one foot. For added difficulty, close your eyes. You can also stand on a pillow, BOSU® ball, or other unstable surface while doing this simple and effective balance exercise.


  1. Another simple balance exercise you can practice throughout your day is standing from a seated position without using your hands.


Improving your balance is key to stepping up your HIIT training. Good balance lowers your need for additional effort into your workout, which allows you to focus on gaining strength and building muscle. Talk with your FIT36 trainer about additional ways to incorporate balance training into your work out today!


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