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If Tax Day was good to you this year, be good to yourself in return

If Tax Day was good to you this year, be good to yourself in return

Tax Day is like Christmas with a Russian roulette twist – you’re not sure if Santa will be bringing you a present, or if he’ll be taking what you worked so hard for right off your dresser. If you’re like many people, you never really know what your Tax Day outcome is going to be. Are you going to be writing a check to the IRS, or, with a sigh of relief, depositing one from them? As much negative hype that tax season gets, the stress and dread seem to be all for naught for the majority of us. In fact, last year reported that 8 out of 10 of us receive a refund every year. The average amount the lucky ducks receive? About $2,800. Whether you get a little extra withheld from your paycheck out of fear, or strategic financial planning, or just pure happenstance, the not unpleasant task you have ahead of you now is just how to spend this cornucopia of cash? Options abound, no doubt. Buy an amazing night out for you and your friends, or buy a dog? Invest in stocks, or invest in education? Get some new clothes, or some new transportation? Or, what about investing the windfall, no matter its size, into your own health? We think this is the best idea out of them all, and here’s why:

  1. Basically, if you’re ensuring that your health is good, you’re thus ensuring that nearly anything else you want in your life will be that much more attainable. If your health suffers, the rest of your dreams are affected as well.
  2. Exercise is a ready-made stress-reducer, feel-good drug, blood pressure medicine, and immune-booster. All without visits to the pharmacy? Yes, please.
  3. Even if hitting the studio for your HIIT workouts a few times a week isn’t a nice, easy habit yet, keep at it. Habits, even great ones, take a while to form (An average of 66 days, in fact, says a study by the European Journal of of Social Psychology). Persistence will pay, and your almost daily kick-butt 36 minutes will feel like second-nature. 
  4. Honey, you need this. Whether your days are spent with your bottom planted in an office chair, or with your arms full of kids, or with your ears full of customers’ requests, or with your hands full of documents to pour through, you are just plain FILLED UP with life. You need 36 minutes to focus on you. You need 36 minutes when you’re not phone-accessible, where you treat yourself to a heart-pounding, sweaty, intense time that’s just for you.
  5. “And is not bodily habitus spoiled by rest and illness, but preserved for a long time by motion and exercise?” What our pal Socrates knew way back around 400 BC is the same thing we know to be true today. Making activity a priority now can equal latter years that are blessed with movement and health.

If Tax Day was good to you this year, be good to yourself in return. Investing in your health now will pay back valuable dividends in years to come.

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