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How to Have an ABS-olute Summer

How to Have an ABS-olute Summer

Summertime is all about pools, parties, and grilling. But it can also be a time where you might feel less than ready to step out into the sunshine in your swimsuit. Confidence and a smile are your best and easiest tools for feeling good this summer. But if you’re looking for ways to help tighten up and strengthen your midsection, we have 5 effective ab exercises to give you the core you have been wanting. Leave the crunches to your home workout video, this unique core routine will get your abs out of a rut and help you break through that plateau.

Isolation Moves:

Isolation moves target the specific core muscles, including not just the abdominal muscles, but also the muscles supporting the spine, your hip abductors/adductors, hip flexors, and the muscles that make up your trunk and pelvis. Leg raises have many variations, so you can do this great exercise and change it up to keep it fresh.

Dynamic Planks:

Planks can be another great way to shake up an ab workout. You can even add some variety to your planks by adding movement like arm crosses or find a partner and high-five each other one arm at a time while facing each other.

Stability Moves:

Any move that uses all the abdominal muscles is a great core exercise. We love using an ab wheel or barbell for added benefits. For beginners, you can simply hold a plank while holding on and stabilizing yourself. Rolling forward and contracting back will engage your entire core, including what is referred to as “stabilizer” muscles. You will want to keep your head down and avoid arching your back.

Strength Moves: 

If you have mastered the plank and other stability exercises, try adding a strength move by using TRX bands or placing your feet on a stability ball.


If you incorporate any of these exercises into your weekly workout, you will be training your core in different ways and catching your body off guard. By using this routine, you are never working the core in the same way which helps create shape and change! So, get out there this summer with confidence, a smile, and strong abs!

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