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How to Get Ready for Fall Sports

How to Get Ready for Fall Sports


If we were to ask you what your favorite aspect of fall is, what your answer be?  Of course there is the beautiful color-explosion of leaves shining firecracker-bright against the deep blue September sky.  And the fact that you can finally pull out your jeans and sweaters is exciting.  And, of course, let us not forget the Pumpkin Party that occurs mid-August through November, where you can get everything from your ice cream, to your coffee, to the cream cheese for your bagel in a cozy and spicy pumpkin flavor.  But really, if we’re going to be honest, doesn’t the start of football season nearly trump all of that?  With NFL training camps wrapped up, we’re well into preseason, watching our favorite team for an indicator of how they’ll perform this year. 


And how about you, and your preseason training?  Have your friends put together a rec flag football team?   Are you still killin’ it on the soccer field?  Do you have a big race coming up that you’re training for?  Regardless of what activities you have planned for fall, this preseason time is one that you should be taking full advantage of to get yourself primed and ready.


  • To prepare well for fall sports you should be working all major muscle groups two to three times per week, taking 24-48 hours off in between workouts.  Try to focus on building cardiovascular endurance, strength, and explosive power with each workout.  Our 36-minute HIIT classes actually serve as a perfect preseason conditioner, in that we incorporate all of those aspects into each session. 
  • Be sure to nourish yourself well with eating a combination of protein and complex carbs after each workout, and drink plenty of water.  Happy muscles are nourished muscles.  In fact, not replenishing your body with nutrients after working out can lead to low blood sugar, dizziness, and fatigue.  Even more serious: failing to feed your muscles after you’ve worked them out can lead to significant injuries.  When muscles are worked they develop tiny tears which, when healed, lead to larger and stronger muscles.  However, when you don’t fuel your muscles with food after working out, they don’t heal properly and are more likely to sustain an injury in future workouts.
  • Get your head in the game, too.  Typically when you work out, your focus is 100% on YOU.  Your form, your progress, and your level of fatigue take center stage in your thoughts.   The shifting of thought required to go from “me, myself, and I” to more of a team-centric mindset can be difficult for some people.  Not only that, but many sports require you to be constantly thinking, strategizing, and then re-strategizing at the last minute.  This complete immersion is a huge draw for many adult athletes.  The invitation to escape thoughts of work, family, and bills for a 60-minute game can almost make you feel like a kid again.


At FIT36 we’re equipped to train you well for your fall season.  And if you have questions about specific workouts you can do for your sport of choice, our trainers can give you some good tips and ideas.  Let us help you make your preseason count, so that you can rock your fall sport like never before. 

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