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It’s 6:00AM and you wake to the sound of your well-intentioned alarm clock, calling you out of the comforts of your warm blanket. You reach over to press snooze and think to yourself, “maybe tomorrow morning I’ll get that work out in.” You roll over and then find yourself frustrated that you just can’t seem to become that “morning workout person” you so often hear about. It’s time to take back control of your mornings and it’s actually easier than you would think. Here are 5 tips to make working out a consistent part of your mornings.

1. Set a Schedule

Give yourself a bedtime each evening and stick to it. After all, the best way to wake up earlier is to go to bed earlier. Our bodies function at their highest potential when we consistently allow ourselves to have between 7-9 hours of sleep. Set a “stop-time” alarm on your phone in the evenings where you aim to wind down and commit to going to bed.

2. Stop pressing Snooze

Hitting the snooze button to try and get more sleep actually has the opposite effect on your brain and body. Snoozing interrupts your natural sleep cycle and leaves you feeling groggier and less rested than if you woke up and got up at the first sound of your alarm. Set the alarm on your phone and plug your phone in across the room. The act of getting up and out of bed to shut it off heightens your chances of staying out of bed. It’s also better to wake up to a pleasant sound, so replace the annoying beeping alarm with your favorite song. It will start your day with something that brings joy instead of frustration.

3. Eat a Good Breakfast

Grabbing a doughnut before a workout or not eating anything at all will make your morning less than ideal. Pack your breakfast with protein and healthy carbs to jumpstart your metabolism and give you the needed energy for a great start. Here is a list of 50 Pre-and Post Work-Out Breakfasts that will give your morning workout the boost it needs.

4. Work Out with Friends

When you work out alone, it’s easy to let yourself off the hook if you don’t show up. But when you know you’re planning to meet a friend or two, you don’t want to let them down! Working out with friends is not just fun, it also gives you the added accountability and friendly competition to meet your exercise goals. Find a work-out buddy and sign up for a FIT36 class together today!

5. Create a Habit

Gretchen Rubin, in her book, Better Than Before, writes, “Habits eliminate the need for self-control. They make change possible by freeing us from decision-making.” Morning people don’t ask themselves, should I get up early tomorrow morning? They just do it. Don’t give yourself the option of working out. Tell yourself that you are going to work out and make it a daily habit in your life.

Fit36 offers morning classes to fit your schedule. If you can implement these 5 tips, you will find yourself hitting those healthy lifestyle goals in no time. Take control of your mornings and be your best self!


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