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HIIT Workouts Are All the Rage for a Reason: FIT36® Workout Validation

HIIT Workouts Are All the Rage for a Reason: FIT36® Workout Validation


We always knew that the FIT36® HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout was an excellent and efficient way to achieve maximum results to look and feel your best. As well as prepare your body for rigorous sporting activities, like the upcoming ski season. Now we’ve got the proof!


It’s fairly well known that HIIT workouts, which alternate short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, burn more calories and fat than a steady pace run. This applies to not only during the workout, but also in the 24 hours that follow. The intensity of the workout—pushing participants into an anaerobic zone—kicks the body’s repair cycle into overdrive.


We wanted to know what further benefits could be obtained from HIIT workouts, so FIT36 commissioned a study, conducted in partnership with Dr. Ed Le Cara, owner of Kinetik Chain Denver, the respected sports rehabilitation and human performance clinic.


The who, what and how of the study.


19 participants engaged in this study. They were already active, with low-body fat, but none had participated in a HIIT class in the previous 6 months.


Prior to the start of the study, participants had blood and body composite tests done as a way to compare before and after on certain health markers, including protein, fat, hormone and cell count levels, as well as measuring their body fat vs. lean muscle mass in 7 specific sites of the body.


Controlling diet was not a factor in this study. However, the study demonstrated that over a short period of time, without controlling diet – the FIT36® HIIT workout can have a positive impact.


Participants were required to complete a minimum of 16 HIIT classes in an 8-week period; each participant ultimately averaged 24 classes over the 8 weeks. See how addictive a good workout can be?


Here are a few results from the study:


  • Both males and females decreased their body fat and increased their lean body mass. This is an exciting result for FIT36. Many times, when people begin an exercise program they lose weight at the cost of losing lean mass. This study indicates it’s possible to lose fat and gain muscle, increasing participants lean body mass which is essential to improve metabolic rate and health.
  • Both males and females decreased their overall average body fat. Females decreased by 1.1%, males decreased by 1.4%.
  • Markers of inflammation and cardiovascular disease dropped in all participants.
  • The study also found that markers of diabetes/pre-diabetes (by testing HbA1c and Glucose) diminished over the course of eight weeks in males.


So, if you’re looking to play hard this winter, consider adding a FIT36 workout into your mix. If you join FIT36 during October you’ll have the opportunity to enter the One Day Ski Pass Sweepstakes. This sweepstakes allows two winners from each studio across the country to earn a chance to win a one-day ski pass at a local ski resort.  Find a FIT36® studio near you for more details!


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