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HIIT New Year’s Right — Why FIT36® Breaks the Traditional Mode

HIIT New Year’s Right — Why FIT36® Breaks the Traditional Mode

Now’s the time to start planning your New Year’s Resolution. What’s your plan? Lose weight? Get stronger? Get more fit in general? Workout more times a week? With FIT36® you have a better shot at keeping your fitness resolution. 

Burn More Fat with HIIT

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training will help you burn more fat, and build more muscle, in a short amount of time. HIIT consists of short, intense exercises with short periods of rest. At FIT36® we do it a bit different; you will work through 12 stations twice during the workout. You’ll do each exercise as hard has you can for 1 minute, followed by 30 seconds of rest. The total time for your workout is just 36 minutes, which means if you show up a little early you’ll spend roughly 45 minutes total in the gym. That’s a huge difference than a traditional trip to the gym; where you have to plan for hours. Short, quick and effective workouts will help you keep your resolution strong well into Spring and Summer. 

Fun and Safe Environment 

Every FIT36® session is in a small group setting, with no more than 24 people. You’ll have two certified personal trainers leading each group; this gives you a better trainer to member ratio than other small group sessions you might have tried. The member to trainer ratio allows for more hands-on assistance and additional accountability and encouragement to get you through the workout. The small group setting will also give a competitive atmosphere, which will push you harder and help you meet your goals. 

Unique Technology 

How do you know if you’re at your max? When working out you may feel like you’re pushing yourself to the max, but unless you're monitoring your heart rate you truly can’t know. Throughout each workout at FIT36® you’ll wear a Polar heart rate sensor, and you’ll be able to see your heart rate and overall caloric burn on a big screen throughout the workout. This is just another way that you’ll be able to push yourself to get the most out of each workout safely. 

Community that Pushes 

Our concept centers on a fitness community; FIT36® workouts are more than the standard small group class you’ve seen in the past. We promote a community where each member pushes each other while having fun. 

If you’re starting to think about your New Year’s Resolution, bring your fitness to a new level in 2016 with FIT36®. It’s different, fun and you’ll see results. Find a studio near you at

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