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HIIT Myths Busted

HIIT Myths Busted

As with any popular exercise program, misconceptions about high-intensity interval training abound.  We often hear comments from our clients about ways they’ve been surprised about our HIIT workouts based on preconceived notions.  With so much information that is consistently available at your disposal, it can be hard to know whether what you’re reading is real and fact-based, or is more subjective in nature.


So because we want you to be among the well-informed, especially about something as awesome as HIIT, we’ve listed a few HIIT myths, and the truth behind them.


  1. Myth: You have to be in serious shape in order to participate in HIIT classes.

Truth: While many of our clients are impressively ripped and toned, it’s definitely not an entrance requirement.  That’s like saying that you have to know how to cook before starting cooking classes.  Our exercises are self-limiting, meaning that you have the ability to get the very most out of each station, while still working to your specific ability. 


  1. Myth: Only 36 minutes?  Please.  I’ll need to fit in a second workout.

Truth: Yes, really.  36 minutes.  When you cycle through periods of maximum effort exercise followed by brief rest periods, it can have major results in way less time.  In fact, in one study (discussed here:, participants exercised over a 12-week period.  Those who completed HIIT-style exercise and worked out for a total of 6 hours, with a mere total 36 minutes of strenuous exercise (yes, 36 minutes over 12 weeks!) enjoyed the same health gains as those who completed 27 hours of moderate exercise over the 12-week period.


  1. Myth: HIIT is about getting bulky, but I wanna be lean and mean.

Truth: Since our exercises use compound movements that target muscles all over the body, rather than heavily taxing one small group of muscles, you’ll enjoy all-over strengthening and toning.  And, might we add, some major calorie burn.


  1. Myth: I can just as easily do my HIIT workouts on my own time – no studio required.

Truth: The beautiful thing about FIT36 is that you have an actual certified personal trainer watching you like a hawk, making sure you do every exercise just right.  Not only that, but he or she has developed each of the 12 stations so that, by the end of class, you’ll have received an entire-body workout.  Also, with the use of a heart rate monitor, your trainer will help you to make sure you stay in your proper anaerobic zone, making your workout the most effective it can be.  Plus, there’s a pretty great rush that comes from the other members in the class; everyone pushing as hard as they can, and celebrating together when the session is over.


Curious to learn more?  Give your FIT36 studio a call, or come by for a visit to see if your own personally-held HIIT beliefs are true.  Our guess is that our classes are a lot more fun and a lot more achievable than you might think.  Plus, after several classes, you’ll likely see results in your body that you didn’t think were possible.

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