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HIIT for Mother’s Day?

HIIT for Mother’s Day?

You’ve got your grandpa’s eyes. People say that you have your grandma’s smile. The cowlick that has been battled by your dad and uncle now jauntily graces the back of your own head. The way you still belly-laugh at Spongebob Squarepants? That has your brother written all over it. Your sense of determination, appreciation for beauty, and hand-on-hip thinking pose is all courtesy of your mom.  Genetics are funny, aren’t they? Your relatives offer you a lottery system-style melting pot of traits, and, like it or not, whatever is shaken through the sieve of DNA is what sticks to you. And, for the most part, this is a matter of pride, happiness and good-natured humor. Health problems aside, we cherish what we get from the generations before us. With Mother’s Day approaching, we think that this is a great opportunity to reflect on the gifts we’ve received from our parents and grandparents. Not only that, we also happen to think that the giving street should go both ways. If you don’t think you have much wisdom or valuable traits that you should send upstream, think again. Aside from helping your family members to grasp the concept of Facebook and texting; to finally nail down the elusive iPad touch screen features; and to decode the skinny jean rules, there could be other, even more valuable things for you to pass along to Mom and Dad. 

Considering that roughly 72% of men and 67% of women aged 65 and older are considered obese, and in many families the meat-and-potatoes, marathon television Sundays, and “no way am I eating something called quinoa” mentality can be hard to break, there is some schooling to do. If you’re a regular at FIT36®, and enjoy the heart-pounding 36 minutes of pure HIIT madness, you’ve surely picked up a few exercise pointers. You probably know by now that HIIT training is a highly effective way to burn a ton of calories in a lesser amount of time. The fact that HIIT workouts can make training for other athletic feats much easier likely hasn’t escaped you either.

How realistic is a Mother’s Day HIIT workout with Mom? More so than you might think. The truth is that high-intensity interval training can be hugely impactful at any age group. The difference lies in just how you get to the “high-intensity” level. While you might squat-jump and run in place, knees up to your armpits all the while, your mom’s knees would exit stage left in protest. However, there are ways that people of any age and any fitness level can raise their heartrate to beneficial levels. Consider introducing your mom baby-boomer-style HIIT as part of your traditional Mother’s Day celebration this year. Sprints of intense speed-walking or low-impact jumping jacks followed by short rest periods could open her eyes up to a new level of fitness. Exciting for her, rewarding for you and wonderful that the two of you can discover another place of commonality. 

There’s not a doubt that the list of things your mom has given you is astounding – genetics, love, years of care and provision, and much more. Now that you’ve become more familiar with a truly special form of fitness, Mother’s Day is a great time to share the love of a healthy life with the one who gave you yours.

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