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Healthy Summer Snacks

Healthy Summer Snacks

Summer’s here and whether you’re about to knock out a sweet 25-miler on your bike, have just finished a quad-busting hike with your friends, or plan to bust out some water-skiing, you need to provide the proper fuel for your body.  Lucky for you, and those around your “hangry” self, we’ve got your munchies covered with 7 of the very best, new snacks you need to stock your cooler and fuel your adventures this summer (bonus: they’re a tad off the beaten to speak). 

  1. Before you start out: quality, complex carbs are your friend.  We love the idea of making up a big batch of whole-grain waffles or pancakes, with oats and chopped fruit added in.  Slap some peanut butter between a couple of them, and you’ve got a balanced breakfast or snack that’s car-driver-friendly and will keep you going ‘til your exhausted trail mates are begging you to stop for lunch.  Find a great recipe here:
  2. Another portable energy dynamo: quesadillas, revamped.  Okay, you lovers of cold, leftover pizza – this snack’s for you.  The night before your big outing, cook yourself a quesadilla with cheese, turkey, a few tomato slices and spinach leaves, some basil or oregano, or whatever other toppings you like (use a whole wheat tortilla for extra points), pop it in the fridge, and the next day enjoy for breakfast or lunch straight out of the cooler.  The beauty of these protein-packed tasties is that you don’t run the risk of having your filling plop on your hiking shorts - the cheese acts as a tasty glue to hold everything in place as you nosh. 
  3. Move over, beef, there’s a new jerky in town.  Well, several, actually.  For nearly every kind of meat you can imagine, there’s a jerky to be found.  The truly ambitious among us can create this delicious, salty treat from scratch, but an ample supply can be found on the shelves of most health-food stores.  Try various flavors of jerky made from buffalo, turkey, chicken, or even salmon.  Hello, protein! 
  4. Need a pick-me-up mid-trek?  We think these little granola-bars-meet-vanilla-latte snacks are a great idea, and are packed with energy-boosting fruit, protein, and carbs, plus a little caffeine to boot (link here:  Sure, it requires some preparation, but no baking required. 
  5. Okay, this one does require baking, but it’s easy.  Have you tried crispy roasted chickpeas?  A refreshing step away from the tried-and-true handful o’ nuts, these pack protein, healthy carbs, and are downright tasty.  Find a simple recipe here and then customize to meet your own taste.  Like things spicy?  Salty?  You can even jazz them with curry seasoning if so inclined. 
  6. Pumpkin seeds are chock-full of zinc, manganese, magnesium, and iron.  Try roasting them with a little oil and some seasoning (we’re big fans of ranch or barbecue).  Find a recipe idea here:  After they’re roasted, put ‘em in a munch-worthy mix with sesame sticks, almonds, and golden raisins.
  7. One idea for the water bottle: treat yourself mid-day with some iced herbal tea, sweetened with a touch of honey or stevia.  Try oolong, green, or fruity herbal varieties.  Our favorite for sun-scorched days is peppermint with a couple of orange slices added.

There’s no doubt about it – your summer escapades need food.  Our ideas help you to jazz it up a little, while still keeping proper nutrition as a priority.  Happy trails, hungry trekker. 

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