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Grow your Fitness Community – Give the Gift of FIT36 Membership

Grow your Fitness Community – Give the Gift of FIT36 Membership

Many benefits come with being a FIT36® member, however, perhaps the biggest perk is that it’s a community. You will never go at it alone; in fact, each session is with a group of 12-24 other members. Other than being fun, there are many other benefits to working out in a group. 


As you get to know each other in the small group, you’ll start to build a bond and hold each other accountable for each workout. You’ll try harder not to let your group members down and show up more often. Plus, as you get to know your group a little more, don’t be surprised if you’re subject to some friendly harassment if you fail to show up for training. 


At FIT36®, motivation comes in handy because you’ll be pushed to your max with High Intensity Interval Training. Members of the small group along with your trainer will motivate you to push harder during each exercise. You’ll be able to “dig deep” and reach your maximum performance. More motivation will help you reach your fitness goals faster.


It’s a strong, powerful word, which holds true in our FIT36® studios. If you’ve ever played on a sports team you know there’s no better feeling than when you accomplish a challenge with a group of people who have gone through the same experience. It’s what keeps everyone coming back and pushing each other to do more. Whether it’s a couple more reps or you're able to recover faster, knowing that the group is going through the same experience, will bring everyone together. 

FIT36® is a great fitness community that will help you bring your fitness to a whole new level. If you’re interested in expanding your FIT36® community and know somebody that wants to try High Intensity Interval Training, give them a FIT36® membership this holiday season. Learn more about the FIT36® community at

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