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Getting Your Body Ready for Wedding Season

Getting Your Body Ready for Wedding Season

The air is slowly warming, the grass is greening, and summer is on its way.  What else does this season mean?  Post office mailboxes are flooded with outgoing invitations and announcements, and your May and June social calendar is about to be pretty full with graduations and weddings.   With that in mind, you’ve got some things to do:  1) Sharpen up your “Cha Cha Slide” skills.  2) Do a mental rundown to ensure that you remember all of your cousin’s kids’ names.  3) Make sure you look AWESOME in your celebration attire.


 We can’t promise to help you with #1 or #2 (although we have been known to bust a move on the dance floor), but that third one?  We’re all over it.  After all – if you’re going to have to sit and listen to stories from Uncle Richard’s sleep apnea test, you might as well look good doing it.  


The attire: Strappy dress/short sleeved shirt.  Bared arms, shoulder, or backs are summer staples, and you want your exposed parts to look great. 

The solution: Pushups.  This old-school exercise works numerous muscle groups, including your torso and arms.  You can’t get a more convenient exercise, as you can knock these out just about anywhere.  Plus, depending on your current level of strength, nearly endless modifications are possible.  If your shoulders aren’t strong enough to take on standard pushups, start with your hands on an incline, or raised surface like a step or bench.  If you need more of a challenge, balance your feet on a raised surface while your hands are at ground level.  Play around with various hand placements and widths. 

Ask your trainer for some other shoulder and back sculptors.  He or she might suggest various plank varieties or exercises with weights to tone you up. 


The attire:  Short skirts and shorts.

The solution:  YES, standard lunges and squats are awesome.  But YES, you’ve done thousands of them in your exercise-lovin’ life and you’re ready to change it up.

  • Try the tip-toe farmer’s walk.  Grab some heavy weights and hold them with your hands at your sides.  Raise your heels so you're balanced on the balls of your feet and walk forward then back. 
  • Channel your inner dancer and try some plies.  Turn your toes outward while your heels touch and bend your knees into as far as a dip as you can.  After a few reps, try pulsing at the bottom of the plie for 20 seconds before standing up again.  You’ll be surprised at how the simple shift of your toe position can engage a new set of muscles.

The attire: Something a little tighter, a little more revealing. 

The solution: HIIT!  The best way to break your body out of winter hibernation is with fast-changing interval exercise like you find at FIT36.  You absolutely cannot beat HIIT (high-intensity interval training) for whole-body toning and strengthening.  Plus, it torches calories like no other exercise does.  The way that our HIIT program cycles your body through periods of high intensity and lower intensity leads to some major results in less time than typical exercise classes or programs.


Wedding season is here, and graduation parties are just around the corner.  Join us for our quick, 36-minute classes, and you’ll be the hottest line-dancer on the reception dance floor.


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