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Get Lean in the Kitchen, Get Strong in the Gym

Get Lean in the Kitchen, Get Strong in the Gym

So, you’ve been working out for a while now. You’ve been training really hard and pushing yourself through your workouts, but you’re not really seeing any improvements or results. Worst yet, you might even be feeling kind of weak and tired during your sweat sessions. What’s going on? Have you already hit a plateau?

Consider this all too familiar example: You’ve slept past your alarm and before you know it, you have ten minutes to throw some work clothes on and frantically head out the door to work. Since you were in a hurry, you had to miss breakfast. Work is busy and by the time lunch rolls around, you’re starved and again, pressed for time. You run out to grab something quick. What’s quick? Processed foods. Foods with little nutritional value and lots of sugar, calories and high in carbohydrates. You scarf down your meal and get back to work. Once it’s time to leave, you battle the traffic and make your way to the gym. You keep up with the workout, but feel more weak and tired. You’re not as engaged as you’d like to be. Once home, your body is starved. You turn to something you can cook quickly – something that’s satisfying! You turn to carbs and you overeat because your body hasn’t gotten its much needed nourishment. Did you get the most out of your workout?

Getting to the gym regularly and working out is hard enough to do and is quite an accomplishment in and of itself. But ask yourself this question - how much time are you spending in the kitchen?

Ever heard the phrase, “you can’t out exercise a bad diet”?

There’s no doubt that our total body training consisting of high intensity intervals and metabolic resistance can give you an effective workout and help you accomplish your goals, but a bad diet will ultimately keep you from getting lean, losing weight and performing at your best. You can be strong and fit and still not look or feel it if you sabotage yourself with poor nutrition. You won’t see results if you believe that exercising gives you an excuse to eat whatever you want either.

If you’re accustomed to eating pre-packaged meals, binging after you exercise or you’re just new to watching what you eat, you’ll want to keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • Avoid processed foods. Stay away from foods that are pre-made and come in packages

  • Be mindful of portion size. Protein portions should be fist sized. Eat plenty of green veggies as these will help you eat more slowly and take up more space in your stomach. Not to mention they are packed full of healthy nutrients!

  • We all have carb cravings. What’s important is when we eat carbohydrates. Focus on eating them in the morning and immediately after your workout. Focus on eating healthy carbohydrates such as brown rice, sweet potatoes and oatmeal

  • Eat a good amount of healthy fat – foods such as nuts, oils, meat and avocados. These take longer to digest and keep you feeling fuller longer. Be careful with the nuts and oils as it’s easy to go overboard.

  • Prepare your meals ahead of time! Set aside a day a week, a Sunday for example, to cook and package together your meals for the week. When you’re busy and on-the-go, all you have to do is grab one of your pre-made meals and you’re all set! Removing the need to make a decision every time you eat will help set you up for success.

Set yourself up for success this winter! Commit to BOTH your training and your nutrition and you’re bound to see quality results and feel amazing doing it!

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