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Functional Training vs Crossfit®

Functional Training vs Crossfit®


If you’ve decided to amp up your workouts and take your fitness to the next level; there’s no doubt that you have many options. Two of the most popular are functional training and Crossfit®. Both will give you an intense workout, but there are many differences as well.




Crossfit® workouts consist of a combination of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and timed events to create highly competitive workouts. The exercises are very random and fast paced. They’re designed to prepare your body for anything that is thrown its way. However, there has been a lot scrutiny over Crossfit®. Many of the techniques and exercises could cause injury, and some of the coaches and trainers are not certified. If you feel like Crossfit® is your thing, make sure you pick a place with a track record for safety and certified trainers. Remember, you don’t get to work out the way you want when you're on the rehab table.


Functional Training


Functional training is very literal. You do functional movements as a workout to improve your overall strength and balance. Functional training gives your whole body a workout and builds muscles that you use in your everyday life. Perhaps one of the biggest differences between functional training and Crossfit® is that most of the time during functional training you won’t even use equipment or weights. Many of the exercises require you to use only your body weight, then if you need more of a challenge, you can incorporate weights. These workouts are self-limiting, which means you can only put your body through what it can physically handle. This type of training removes most chance for injury.

We get it. You have many options when it comes to increasing your fitness levels and health. At FIT36® we specialize in functional training; we take it to the next level with HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training. Our goal is to take your fitness to a level beyond the norm in a safe way and under the watch of a certified personal trainer. Our workouts will increase your fitness level and help you burn more calories faster. If you’re ready to jump to the next level, you can learn more at


CrossFit® is a registered trademark of CrossFit, Inc. in the US and other countries.

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