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Feel The Afterburner — How HIIT Helps You Burn Fat After Your Workout

Feel The Afterburner — How HIIT Helps You Burn Fat After Your Workout

If you’ve experienced a FIT36® workout, you know and understand that it’s a whole new level of fitness. You get that you’re going to burn fat while working out, but did you know that your body is still working to burn calories hours after your workout is complete? 

Turn on the Afterburn 

Afterburn? Isn’t that something for a car or jet? The afterburn effect or EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption) is when your body increases oxygen consumption to restore itself to its resting state. The process burns calories long after you’ve sweated it out during your HIIT workout; in some cases this could be as long as 36 hours. The more intense the workout, the more your body will burn after your workout. It happens because of the oxygen deficit inside your body after your work out is heightened. The harder you work, the more oxygen your body will use, and at FIT36®, you’ll use a lot of oxygen! 

HIIT Creates a Better Afterburn

You may think that you must work out for a long time to get to the level that your body creates afterburn. But that’s not true. Short, intense interval training exercises like HIIT can get your body to activate the EPOC process; it all depends on the amount of energy you’re putting in during your workout. At FIT36® we push you to the max, if you’re pushing your heart rate to 75-85% of its max rate for at least half of your workout, you’ll achieve afterburn. 

As you ramp up your workouts this year and burn more fat, think about the bonus you get from HIIT and FIT36® workouts. With high-intensity intervals and pushing yourself to your max, your body tries to replenish its oxygen levels and will burn more fat after your workout. If you haven't experienced a FIT36® workout and you are ready to turn on your afterburn, contact us today at  

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