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Conquer your Resolution with a Friend — How Peer Pressure and a Fitness Community will Help

Conquer your Resolution with a Friend — How Peer Pressure and a Fitness Community will Help

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution and not followed through with it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It happens every year to millions of people and millions of resolutions. This year, don’t let your fitness resolution fall flat; try working out with a partner and the FIT36® community.

You’ll Be Motivated

When you’re working out in a group, you’re more motivated to show up and perform. If you miss a workout when you’re working out by yourself, you don’t think anything of it — it’s just a lost day. When you have a partner, you are less likely to skip out. If you do, you’ll feel guilty. You don’t want to let your partner, or your FIT36® community, down.

It’s More FUN!

It’s simple, when you’re working out with a community where everyone is having fun, you’ll tend to have fun as well. When you have fun, you’re more likely to continue to meet and exceed your goals.

You’ll Push Harder

If you’re working out with us, we know you’re a little competitive, and you’re there to elevate your fitness. When you work out with a partner and the FIT36® community, your competitive spirit will kick in, and with the motivation of your group, you’ll be able to do each exercise to the max.

Everyone has the Same Goal

Why does the FIT36 community work so well? Because everyone in your group is trying to obtain same goal — to improve and bring their fitness to the next level. Everyone in the group, along with the trainers, encourages each other and pushes each other to push hard through each workout.

If you’re ready to amp up your fitness for 2016, FIT36® will help you meet your goals. Joining the community will give you the support you need to conquer your fitness resolution. Find out more at

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