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Common Fitness Myths... Debunked

Common Fitness Myths... Debunked


So did you get pranked?  Last Saturday was April Fool’s Day, a favorite yearly tradition for jokesters of all ages.  Maybe you got unexpectedly sprayed with water, found your yard filled with toilet paper, or got fed a meal that ended up tasting much different than you anticipated (our favorites are the tasty-looking cupcakes that are actually meatloaf with dyed mashed potato “frosting”).  And chances are you weren’t 100% thrilled to be on the receiving end of the jokes.  The truth is that most of us don’t enjoy being the ones in the dark about the truth.  We like to be in the know and on the up-and-up.  This is why we thought we’d take this opportunity to clue you in to a few ways that you might be fooling yourself with some commonly-believed fitness fables.   


Myth #1: Crunches shrink your middle. 

This is a commonly mistake among fitness gurus and followers.  Not that crunches and sit-ups don’t build muscle, but they won’t flatten your tummy.  To flatten your gut you’re better off killin’ it with cardio at our HIIT classes, knocking out some planks, and building all-over body muscle.

Myth #2: More is better.

This one is a gimme, because we hope that by now you have realized the magic of shorter, more powerful workouts.  Not only does HIIT get you in and out of the studio quickly, but you burn more calories, build more muscle, and get to benefit from an impressive amount of after-burn, where your body continues to torch calories for hours after your workout ends.  Adios, aerobic marathons.  Sayonara, super-long runs.  Long hours on the treadmill, be gone. 

Myth #3: Daily does it.

As much as we love you, we don’t want to see you every day.  Busting your booty to get to the studio every day is not only excessive, but it could be hampering your progress.  In order for a tough workout to be effective, you need to factor in a day or two of rest after.  Working out every day can cause injury, overtraining, or can cause your muscles to not rebound and grow.

Myth #4: Sleep doesn’t matter.

Did you know that when you’re short on sleep it can be even harder to keep up with your health ambitions?  It’s not just that being sleepy can make our already-tough workouts tougher.  When we’re sleep-deprived, even just by a little bit, our bodies are triggered to produce a hormone called ghrelin, which can cause us to feel hungrier, more often, than we normally would.

Myth #5: Sweat not, work not.

If you’re drenched after a workout, then clearly you worked hard.  And if you barely broke a sweat, then you slacked off, right?  Not so.  While exercise does raise your core body temperature, the amount you perspire depends on the temperature of the room and how much humidity the room contains.  Your sweat amount also depends on how fit you are – fitter folks start sweating at a lower body temperature.


 We like for you to be in the know about your health and fitness, and we’re always happy to debunk commonly-believed workout myths.  Your health is no joke, and we take it as seriously as you do. 

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