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Celebrating Women and Their Quest For Health

Celebrating Women and Their Quest For Health

Ladies, this day is all about you - your health, your strength, and your wellbeing.  Today, the last Wednesday in September, happens to be National Women’s Health and Fitness Day.  The fact that this is a nationally-recognized day is pretty great, right?  Because, hey, why not celebrate and support women in their quest for health?  However, if you consider that more than 60% of US women don’t get the recommended amount of daily exercise, and that more than 25% of women in our country don’t exercise at all, this day becomes less of a light-hearted, fun recognition, and more of a dire call-to-attention.  Add in the fact that heart disease causes nearly 1 in 3 female deaths per year, and it becomes even more serious.  As for you and your health, you’re doing this fitness thing right by coming to the studio for classes.  And just in case you were thinking of skipping out this week, Miss “I’m So Busy,” we’ve got a few compelling reasons to get here, and get your heart pumping, pronto. 

  1. You know how your job, or your family, or your friends can be really, really, really stressful?  Exercise, and specifically heart-pumping exercise, is one of the best stress-slayers around.  Because it releases endorphins and serotonin, you’ll feel instantly less keyed up, and more prepared to face your daily stressors – no medication required.   

Bonus fact: Along with many other annoying body effects, stress causes the release of Ghrelin, the only hormone known to actually stimulate hunger.  Please pass the gym shoes, NOT the cheese doodles. 

  1. The way that exercise can keep your weight and waistline in check is undeniable.  And HIIT is kind of the “magical unicorn” of exercise that allows you to torch a ton of calories and build strength, all in a totally manageable amount of time. 

  1. The feel-good hormones discussed in number 1?  Along with endocannabinoids and neurotransmitters that are released during exercise, they actually do wonders for symptoms of depression, too.   

  1. Healthy habits started now will pay off in major ways later.  When you’re older, you want to be just like the elderly women you see still hoofin’ it down the sidewalk, day after day, rain or shine, right?  And, we’re guessing that as you age, you want to have a healthy relationship with food and your weight?  Regular exercise is your way to get there.  For one, exercise builds up bone density, decreasing your chance for osteoporosis later.  The decisions made now will pay off in healthy dividends years down the road.   

  1. Baby, you look good.  Exercise provides us with so many “behind the scenes” benefits that keep us looking great.  For one, working up a sweat brings nutrients to the skin’s surface, where fibroblasts (collegen-producing cells) can utilize them to keep our skin looking fresh and young.  Exercise can also keep our posture straight by keeping the spine and back strong and flexible.  Best of all, how GREAT do you feel the day after a heart-pumping workout?  That “nothing can stop me” feeling shows in your walk, your demeanor, and your overall attitude.   

So, our strong women friends, when you kill it during one of our HIIT workouts, you’re really doing so much more than you might think to better yourself, both today and in the future.   


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