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But it’s too COOOLLLLDD to Exercise!

But it’s too COOOLLLLDD to Exercise!

Does it seem like the days of sunny morning runs and warm Saturday hikes are a painfully distant memory? Does it feel like you’ve been resorting to boring indoor treadmill-based workouts (and sporadic ones at that) for ages because it’s too cold to exercise outside? News flash: it’s not even officially winter yet – tomorrow’s the first day – which means that you’ve got weeks upon weeks to deal with less-than-optimal outdoor workouts. News flash #2: now is a great time to change up your winter workout routine and become well-acquainted with our HIIT classes at FIT36.

If you often finding yourself feeling like playing grizzly bear in the winter time, hibernating away these cold months, you’re not alone. One recent survey found that the number of people who exercise 30 minutes a day, 3 days per week, falls several percentage points during November and December. There’s no doubt that it can feel harder to exercise when the snow is blowing and the temperatures are chilly. However, as hard as it seems, you may want to rethink your personal Winter Hibernation Policy. Here’s why you should buck up and do the hard work. Yes, even when “A Christmas Story” is on.

  • Did you know that if you take a break from your fitness routine during the winter months, you could experience a 20% decrease in your cardiopulmonary fitness in just a few weeks? Even worse, you could go back to official “couch potato” status within three to six months of not exercising. It’d be awfully frustrating to see all of your hard work and gains go down the drain, especially if you were hitting it hard a few months ago.

  • You know the Winter Blues that can come on due to less exposure to sun? Exercise can help. Working out, especially workouts that get your heart rate up and make you sweat, can have a pretty dramatic effect on feelings of sadness. Exercise releases endorphins, and other feel-good hormones, which often lead to feelings of well-being. Check with your doctor to make sure your “blues” don’t require additional treatment, of course, and then come give our FIT36 classes a try. We’re betting that you leave happy, healthy, and invigorated.

  • And then there’s the STRESS. If you’re breathing and over the age of 13, then you’re probably no stranger to the stress that can reign supreme in your thoughts, feelings, and actions during the holiday season. Family, friends, shopping, and cooking can all chip away at your calm and cool demeanor. Lucky for you, exercise happens to be an effective stress reliever. Which can come in handy as you settle in to listen to Aunt Rita’s “constructive criticism” of your baking skills.

Another unique benefit of FIT36 is that it helps you temporarily escape your own nagging thoughts. If you have an endless reel of to-do lists playing in your head, then you’ll love our workouts. You start listening to your coach, get in the rhythm of the workout, and for 36 minutes, all you know is that you feel amazing and strong. Don’t let winter bring hibernation to your workouts. FIT36 will keep you fit, strong, and feeling great this winter, and all year long.

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