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Best Fitness Gifts for 2019!

Best Fitness Gifts for 2019!


Do you have someone who is into fitness and healthy living on your list? Do you have a New Year’s resolution to change your own lifestyle, incorporating exercise and a better diet into your everyday? These gift options are perfect, whether for a friend or for yourself!


Gifts for runners or high intensity fitness friends

So many runners enjoy having music to keep them on pace, but a pocket for their smartphone might be tough to manage. How about an armband to hold their phone in place and keep in handy? Trianium makes a solid one that will fit even a phone with its case on!

And for the woman who wants to run her race and keep her phone handy? A sports bra with a phone slip in the back might be the perfect choice. Core 10 Women's Race Day Pocket Sports Bra have a high neck for coverage and the back pocket to hold a phone, or perhaps some ID, safe and sound.

And how about a pair of earphones that won’t fall out, mid-run? The Koss Fitclips are wired earbuds with an extra hold and even feature a sweat resistant coating!


Gifts for a home gym

Having enough equipment in a home gym to keep things interesting is a tough one, but if you can get two pieces of equipment from one, for a variety of exercise options, you can add some variety. Example? The Kettle Gryp, which turns any hand weight into an instant kettlebell.

Another great option are the DynaPro Fabric Resistance Bands. Exercises with a little extra resistance to build flexibility and tone are ideal and these bands will help! With no rubber contact on the skin, these bands won’t pull or roll uncomfortably. Best of all, they are easy care: just throw them in the washing machine!


Gifts all for healthy living and eating

If you exercise, then you know the pain of sore muscles and tension knots. Your best bet for dealing with chronic soreness is a visit with a massage therapist, but in between visits or for lesser bouts of stiff, sore muscles, there is the Worm Massage Roller. Four balls in a worm shaped neoprene casing (hence the name!) can help your die-hard exercise fan to roll away their tension, foot pain, shin splints, back and neck pain!

Do you have a friend who swears by the protein shakes, or green smoothies, in the morning? Give them the perfect item container to let them take their drinks to go: The BlenderBottle Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker. Their patented BlenderBall whisk, inside the shaker, gets rid of lumps that make shakes less drinkable. With an easy to clean and use wide mouth and a leak proof guarantee, this gift is sure to be a hit!

And if you know someone who loves to snack, the Graze Snack Box Subscription is a healthy option. Each box will arrive with a range of grab-and-go healthy snacks! It’s all about learning to make better choices, and this is the kind of gift that will keep on giving, month after month.


Gifts for your favorite yogi

Yoga mats are a personal thing. It’s an important tool for a person who enjoys yoga, so you want to make the right choice. A high-quality mat made with odor fighting materials that can wick away moisture (also known as sweat!) is the perfect gift. The 5mm reversible mat from Lululemon is ideal. It comes in a variety of colors or patterns and with extra padding to protect hips and knees during those tougher poses!

For those who are new to yoga, or even for veterans, a Performance Medallion Yoga Block is the perfect tool to help them get some stability during more difficult poses, height for standing poses and the right seat for meditation.


Gifts for fitness class enthusiasts

Start them off right with a classic gym bag to take them there in style. The Vooray Burner 16” Gym Bag is perfect, with a ventilated shoe pocket and a water resistant base, comes in some cool colors.

Pair that new bag with a Holiday 6-Pack, available from November 1 - December 31, from FIT36®: That’s 6 classes for $99! You can’t go wrong with the gift of strength, cardio and endurance training! Find a studio near you for more information!


Whatever activities, or level of fitness, a gift that helps motivate a healthy lifestyle is a great gift that really shows that you care!

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