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Be a Winter Warrior With these Intense Outdoor Winter Workouts

Be a Winter Warrior With these Intense Outdoor Winter Workouts

The chill is certainly in the air, and even some snow starting to show up in some areas. But is a little cold weather going to stop you from your workouts? We didn’t think so. After all, you’ve joined FIT36™ to bring your fitness to a new level. Don’t hibernate this winter, become a winter warrior with these intense outdoor winter workouts. 

School Bleacher Workout

Your local high school football team maybe in the offseason, but it’s field and bleachers offer a great place for you to get in an intense outdoor winter workout. Start by running up and down the bleachers five times in 1 or 2 minutes. Then do as many seated bleacher dips as you can in 45 seconds. After a short rest move into bleacher jumps and pushups. From the standing position jump up to a bleacher, situate your feet so that they are square on the bleacher and then do a Push-Up. Repeat until you get to the top. This will give you a great full-body workout. Next, do prone planks and side planks on the bottom bleacher. Do as many as you can in 45 seconds. Do three sets of each exercise for a full body outdoor workout. 

Park/Playground Workout 

Chances are your local park or playground won't be busy if it’s cold; this is good for you if you want to get outside to workout. The park is full of equipment — perfect for a HIIT workout. 

Pull-Ups: Find the monkey bars and do 10 Pull-Ups and on the last rep hold for 10-20 seconds to make the exercise more intense. 

Bench Step-Ups: Find the park bench and do as many Step-Ups as you can in 60 seconds. This will give a tough lower-body endurance workout. 

Explosive Push-Up: Use the bench or the end of the slide do as many explosive reps as you can in 30 seconds to build your upper body. 

Take 15-20 seconds to catch your breath in between sets and repeat. 

Winter can offer many options for intense workouts. If you want to get out of the gym and try an outdoor winter workout, look no further than a park or your local high school for an intense workout. If the weather is too bad and you need a workout, your local FIT36 studio is the perfect place to get a quick HIIT workout.  If you’re not a member, learn more at

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