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Avoiding Vacation Guilt

Avoiding Vacation Guilt

FINALLY. You’ve worked all year for these blissful two weeks. No work, no responsibilities, just a lovely, much-deserved vacation from the norm. And unless you’re headed for an adventure vacay of hiking, bagging a 14’er, or kayaking across a Great Lake, chances are you’re feeling a little bit of dread over the very things that vacations are supposed to be about – relaxing, drinking and eating well, and, well, taking it easy. And, really, how much are you going to enjoy your hard-earned vacation if you’re too busy feeling guilty about enjoying it?  We say: STOP feeling the Vacation Guilt. It is totally possible to experience the best of both worlds – you can fully enjoy every part of your vacation, while still rocking the healthy lifestyle you’re used to. We recommend taking advantage of the available exercise abroad.  Seriously, when was the last time you were able to incorporate paddle-boarding, going on a bike tour, early morning beach-jogging, or rowing (like, on actual water) into your daily workout?  Being able to exercise in new, incredible ways definitely does NOT feel like work. Still not convinced that vacations and exercise go hand-in-hand? 

  1. Time is on your side. Most likely, you plan to be the lucky recipient of a bit of unstructured time.  For once. Why not take advantage of your schedule-free status and really delve into a long walk, bike ride, or run? 
  2. You’ll thank yourself later. The week you get back, as you pull on your workout gear and try to slip right back into your HITT routine, you will regret being on the other end of a gluttonous week of tater tots and lounge chairs. 
  3. It’ll add to the fun memories of your vacation. Chalk up your (attempted or successful) swim across the lake at your campground to yet another memorable vacation recollection. Bonus points if you get some family members to join you. Family bonding plus keeping fit? It’s a win-win.
  4. Try it, you’ll like it. Face it, with 650 muscles in the human body, chances are that you have only worked out and built up a precious small handful of those. Doing a new activity will build up different muscles than what you’re used to, making you all the more beast-like in your studio sessions, as well as in your everyday tasks. 
  5. You’ll feel great. Being surrounded by family members or friends for an extended, virtually uninterrupted, period of time can prove to be taxing on even the most extroverted of social butterflies.  You know by now that exercise helps you to feel amazing, and this truth becomes even more poignant when faced with a potentially stressful traveling situation. Exercise is like a catch-all solution to so many aspects of worry and anxiety. With stress hormones being lowered, and endorphins being raised as they are during a workout, you’re practically guaranteed a happier, more peaceful, more joyful vacation.

It’s true – you deserve an awesome vacation. Add in a little exercise and activity, and you can make it even greater.  While it may seem counterintuitive to seek out exercise while on vacation, you’ll be so glad you did.   

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