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At the heart of our business at Fit36 is our amazing trainers. They will inspire and push you beyond where you thought you could go to reach your health and fitness goals. 

This month, we are getting to know one of our FIT36 head trainers, Jace from FIT36 Lowry. We took some time to get to know how he got involved in the fitness industry and some sneak-peeks into his personal life…

  1. How long have you been in the fitness industry and why did you get involved?

Well, I’ve been in the fitness industry for seven years now. I got involved because when I was in my 20’s I was going through some hard times and needed a positive outlet. Initially, the outlet was just working out.  I knew that it was going to help my mind, body and lifestyle.  But then I came across a sign at the gym – that said “Are you looking for a positive change in your life?”  And I thought – yes, this is what I need to do.

           2. How did you get involved with FIT36?

I got involved with FIT36 through our Owner, Liz Hatch. I met her when she was a manager of the fitness studio we both worked for.  When I moved back to Denver from St. George, Utah, Liz reached out to me.  We met up and she talked about this new business she was involved in called FIT36.  I was excited about the opportunity, so I helped her open the studio and become her head trainer. 


              3. What’s your best fitness advice?

CONSISTENCY. So often, it’s easy to start something, but difficult to keep it going. Be truthful with yourself - are you ready to take this on, are you ready to commit?  If you’re 100%, then take on the challenge.

           4. What would you say to someone who has never heard of FIT36?

I would tell them it’s a group fitness class that is 100% doable for everyone. It’s a rip-roaring good time, quick and efficient.  FIT36 is a community driven-atmosphere and a safe and supportive environment!

            5. When you’re not at FIT36 what’s your favorite thing to do?

My favorite thing to do is to hang out with my fiancé and my dog Bodie. We like to get outside, go on walks and go camping.

           6. What vacation is at the top of your bucket list?

It’s going to happen this year, which is cool.  It’s India – I’m going to Rishikesh, India, which is where yoga started. I really enjoy yoga and have the opportunity to do a teacher training there in September.

We invite you to come in to a Fit36 studio nearest you and get to know the trainers and the community that will help you reach your fitness goals. 


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