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A Better Member:Trainer Ratio

A Better Member:Trainer Ratio

Small group circuit training should be a team atmosphere built on encouragement. Especially if your small group is an intense circuit training class. FIT36™ emphasizes small group training with a better member trainer ratio to help fuel that community feel.

At 12:1, You’ll Get More

With a ratio of no more than 12 class members to 1 trainer, you’ll get more from your workout. With a small 12-member group, your personal trainer can pay close attention to each member to ensure that they are doing the exercises properly. This will help you avoid injury and make sure that you are getting the most out of the session.


When a workout is intense, it helps to have motivation when you start feeling tired. FIT36™ trainers have small groups so that they can motivate and encourage you to push harder during each session. The trainer sets the tone and everyone builds off their energy.

More Custom Workout

Small group training does not exactly exemplify personal training — in most cases. Unless, you are in a small group session at FIT36™. With a smaller member to trainer ratio, the personal trainer can focus on you throughout the session. They can adjust the workout to your fitness level. They will also ensure that you are completing the techniques properly to help avoid injury.

Build a Relationship

In a smaller group setting, you’ll also build a relationship with your personal trainer. This will help you with your long-term goals. Smaller groups also promote camaraderie with other group members. This is huge in an intense circuit training atmosphere because you’ll each push each other to get the most out of each workout.

If you’re thinking of taking your workout to the next level to increase your fitness levels, FIT36™ studios offer small group sessions that will maximize your potential. A smaller member trainer ratio of 12 or less will allow you to get the most in reaching your fitness goals. Find your FIT36™ studio today.


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