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5 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day that Are Actually Fun

5 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day that Are Actually Fun

Okay, time for a public service announcement: Valentine’s Day – the day that’s awash in a sea of pink flowers and candy-coated romantic notions – is on a weekend this year. And, not to cause alarm, but it’s approaching quickly. Translation: you’d better plan something great, and pronto. But what to do for the big day? Panicked, you race to the phone to try and snag dinner reservations, but because you’re a little slow on the V-Day uptake, you’ve got your choice between the sandwich shop at 4:30pm, or Pedro’s Pizza Extravaganza at 10:45pm. Throw in a bottom-of-the-barrel cartoon character card, and you’ve successfully pulled off an unsuccessful date. Goodbye, post-date romance, and hello, Netflix. Forget the cheese-and-carb laden, expensive meal at a crowded restaurant. Chocolates?  Your health-conscious partner doesn’t want them. Flowers?  Sure, they’re pretty and all, but too short-lived. Your health savvy sweetheart wants a date that is different, fun, and one that supports her active lifestyle.   

Lucky for you, we’ve got some ideas to cover your heiny, wow your date and make sure you both have a great time.

  1. DYI dinner – Together, hit your favorite local foodie market or organic grocery store – if the weather is nice enough, you can even walk there. Stroll the isles, picking out the ingredients for your romantic dinner. Once at home with the music playing and the wine flowing, things will heat up quickly as you dice, chop, sauté, and sizzle together. 
  2. Shake your groove thing – Even if it’s been a while, hit up a dance club together. Not only is dancing great exercise, but this date requires very little planning, is fun, and will leave both of you sweaty, smiling, and feeling great. Besides, seeing your body move in time to the thumpin’ music will help set the mood.
  3. Indoor adventure – Have you been wanting to try that indoor skydiving place? Or are you up for reliving your roller rink days? How about hitting an indoor rock climbing gym? Did you even know that you can race go-karts inside? Just because the weather’s frigid doesn’t mean that adventure and exercise have to go out the frosty window. 
  4. Wintery walk – Strap on the hiking boots, and head out. You know your favorite summer hiking spot? Chances are it’s beautiful in the winter, too. As long as it’s not dangerously icy or windy, winter hiking can be a refreshing, rejuvenating experience. If it’s a properly challenging hike, you’ll heat up in no time. Bonus points if you surprise your love with some secretly-stashed hot chocolate in a thermos. 
  5. Schooled in sipping – Spend a toasty afternoon at a winery, a brewery or a distillery, getting wiser in the craftsmanship that goes into creating your most-loved beverages. The samples will leave you warm and fuzzy, and are the perfect precursor to the fun at home to follow. 

Okay, Romeo, you’ve got enough here to get started.  Any one of these active, unique dates will reserve your spot in the books as “Greatest Date Planner Ever.”  Add in some of the charm that made your sweetheart fall for you in the first place, and the two of you will be lovey-dovey and smiling ear to ear, all the way to the morning.  

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